Tracfone - Stolen airtime / awful customer service

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 9:30pm CDT by J T.

Product: Tracfone prepaid wireless

Company: Tracfone

Location: US

Category: Telecommunications

I am new to tracfone since 1/1/14. If I had heard about the airtime theft, I'd have never gone with these morons. One of my phones we barely use wasn't taking or receiving calls so after 30-ish mins and 2 levels of tech support; they reprogrammed it. However, when did this, they wiped out all airtime; 0mins/0txts/0mb. I had my balance text from the same day that said otherwise.

The next day I called support again. A 1Hr27min phone call with a really stupid tech and an apathetic supervisor got nowhere. The first idiot absolutely could not wrap her head around my request. She couldn't figure out why I wanted my airtime restored. She would only tell me to purchase more airtime. Now since I had seen them steal the minutes before I figured they would just steal them again, so I refused. When I escalated to the supervisor, the wait was truly impressive. They seemed to hope I would just hang up and go away. I was on a landline and got to catch up on many emails on the PC. The supervisor eventually got on the line but refused do anything. This lazy uppity witch made it clear she she knew nothing about customer service, didn't want to solve problems, and wasn't going to start working in this lifetime. Any company that would hire this useless person would do so only because she fit the paycheck.

Since she flat refused to help I contacted corporate. One email to [email protected] and a 5min50sec call to the action line got my airtime back. It was the polar opposite experience. I was amazed they have a department that exists solely to do the work of another department.

Don't take any crap from these clowns. Stay on them. Wait on hold in a comfortable chair, hell, put them on speaker and make some cookies, but don't give up because that's what they are counting on. It's exactly why they outsource support.


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