Innovative Debt Recovery Inc. - Innovative Debt Recovery Inc. Dain DeFelice J Mark Heldenbrand did not pay me for my sales commissions as promised and wrongfully terminated me.

Posted on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 9:59pm CDT by Jeff J.


Company: Innovative Debt Recovery Inc.

Location: 2532 East University Dr, Suite E350 Phoenix, Arizona 85034
PHOENIX, AZ, 85034, US


Category: Business, Finances

I met with President Dain DeFelice and Chuck LaPose their Director of Operations at Innovative Debt Recovery Inc. and a discussion took place they agreed to hire me on a 1099 contract basis, commission only with residuals to be paid for 2 years if I quit or they fired me and also since I am ill and about to start my second round of chemo therapy injections, Dain De Felice and Chuck LaPose made certain promises to me such as that I could pick a beneficiary to be paid for those 2 years in case of my early expiration. Also, I or beneficiary would be paid 30% on all fees collected on the collection agency side - for any of my clients. They also have a law office that shares a suite space with them and in the collection contracts that I was sending out to prospects, there was an option for the collection agency to forward to the attorney for a higher fee split, once the collection agency was at a dead end on any account. I was also offered a reduced fee schedule on the legal fees, since IDR- the collection agency has the accounts assigned legally at typically 40% I would get a kickback on anything collected on the legal side also. I worked for them at their offices and from the office in my home for over 80 days total all along hearing that they were working on the contract and would put their promises in writing. After month one of driving a 50 mile round trip every day to work and working commission only I was discussing with Dain DeFelice that it was becoming a financial burden as it was taking time to earn fees ? Dain then stated that at the end of the second month I would receive a check for $1500 to cover all of my bills and every month thereafter until my commissions exceeded the 1500, that way I could continue to work and be able to pay my bills. He also gave me a Corporate Gas card and stated I could fill-up one time a week for up to $50 per fill, once a week. That was great as it would cut my gas costs down to $200 a month (after using the gas card) Weird things started happening such as them contacting all of my client s and not telling me about it- demanding I copy the staff at Innovative Debt Recovery Inc. on any emails to my clients? But they were emailing my clients without telling me about it and only copying each other, then they finally came out and fired me and are refusing to pay me the $1500 for March as they promised me and any future commissions period,

well they fired me last Thursday after I had worked for them for over 80 days, brought on over 30 + large clients and they are refusing to honor anything form this point forward no $1500 to cover my bills as promised no ongoing commissions and stated they have instructed all of their clients ?that I brought to them? to ignore me if I contact them and to not respond to my emails and calls? REALLY? Some of these companies I have done business with for over 5 years and now 3 days before my rent became due and a week before my treatment have found out this company is not going to pay me. And that really put me in a terrible position. It is causing me a lot of undo stress regarding my families? well-being. I worked my heart out for this company and they have lied to me. Also I have found out that the attorney they share space with and had me engaging these clients with has been reprimanded by the Arizona State Bar twice before my bar complaint and according to the State Bar of Arizona the practice of fee splitting as explained by MR. Dain DeFelice is prohibited. They are investigating my claim and getting back to me.

Also I have discovered that neither the collection agency or the attorney are licensed to practice in many of the states where the debtors are located on these accounts and there are several pending complaints on file ? Per Dain DeFelice because of their licensed activity. I also ran the attorney they had me involve these companies has also been listed as a defendant in several cases in Maricopa Superior Court ? per state records.

My family and friends have donated money for me to cover my bills and I am very upset and scared for the well-being of the companies that I brought to the table. I will also have to civilly litigate to get any compensation form either the collection agency or law firm as both are refusing to pay me or to fairly discuss a resolution

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Jeffyll J., 2014-06-18, 08:47AM CDT

Winding down?

Arizona Corporation Commission

06/18/2014 State of Arizona Public Access System

Corporate Status Inquiry

File Number: -1117252-9


This Corporation is NOT in Good Standing

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