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Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 12:02pm CDT by dennis r.



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I used to think that online game sites are reliable nowadays! The days when people used to get scammed while playing should be long time gone. Well apparently this is not the case. I visited the website just to have some fun. The site has a pretty nice interface so everything looked simple.

The games required payment be done in a currency named bitcoin and I had to turn about $4000 into it so I could play which I did. After that I found some games but they were really boring. Still I played for a while until I wanted to withdraw what I won. Then I got the surprise of my life. Not only the site didn't let me withdraw anything, but it also logged me out of my account. I got super stressed because this was actually the money I had to use for something else. So just like any other normal person I emailed the casino telling them to solve this issue.

However the site did not get back to me at all. This was very weird because on the support section is says they make sure all the players are happy. Well I had no other way of contacting them so I tried to email them everyday for a week. Even if I sent messages repeatedly, the so called support has been completely unresponsive. Now I am at a loss. I lost $4000 which is a pretty big sum to lose to a scam. I can only think this is a scam because there is no other reason why they would just close my account like that. I should have listened to other people and never get involved in this kind of stuff. But after I read a few online reviews I saw I wasn't the only one to have something like this happening. Look, if you ever plan to play online games don't go on This casino is not reliable at all.

I think none of them are. All the online casinos are most likely only out to scam people and that's why you need to stay away from them. I lost $4000 already and now I almost have no money anymore so don't do the same thing.


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