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Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 12:07pm CDT by dennis r.



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Don?t get me wrong, I am not a professional gambler or a person, who bets on all the existing online casinos. I am too paranoid for that and most of the online gambling websites look somehow suspicious to me. I?m not ready to risk my money or to be scammed from some of those websites. This is what I believe now. But, only few weeks ago, I let myself to be convinced to try a supposedly safe and honest gambling website. The BitBet website made a good impression on me and after the reading of few positive reviews and only one negative, I decided to join.

After only few weeks of light winnings and even less losses I decided to place a bigger bet and end up actually winning quiet a good sum of money. Now, try to understand, for a person like me that was a big deal. I wanted to withdraw my money and celebrate with my family and friends. But, BitBet had other ideas. I was wrongly accused of some activity that was against the site?s terms and conditions. Therefore, as a really insulted customer I started to write emails asking for proof and explanation. Is seems that was too much to ask from them. The emails came with delay and the answers to my questions were completely unsatisfactory. I was going to lose a lot, so I was prepared to fight for my rights. But, sadly for me, everything was inutile.

If the BitBet website wants to continue this kind of business it must change its way of dealing with customers. Its reputation will take a big blow after the negative reviews written about its scamming practice. It will be the right thing to do to at least explain what the problem actually is. If I had made an honest mistake then the site is entitled to take the necessary actions, but not without giving me some minimal amount of explanation. Any other way makes it pure scam. The site should be really more worried about its reputation than the few Bitcoin it took from me. The security measures provided by the site must work first of all for the customers.


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