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Posted on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 12:03pm CDT by dennis r.



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I will never believe BetWithBTC ever again. The online casinos that are endorsed by BetWithBTC are downright scammers. BetWithBTC is a guide site that tells players the best online gambling sites. Most of the Bitcoin casinos on the sight are scammers that are all out to steal people's money. I played in two online casinos endorsed by BetWithBTC, namely Bitzino and CloudBet. My experience with both sites was the same. It wasn't all negative at first. My first few attempts in playing in these gamblingsites was okay. I was getting all my winnings from all my checkouts. It was all going well, but after a few weeks went by, I started to notice that my checkouts had reductions every time I got them. Things turned for the worse when they began canceling my checkouts. I tried contacting these sites to look for answers but these websites never replied to my e-mails. So, I tried contacting BetWithBTC because they endorsed these online casinos, but I also didn?t get any help. BetWithBTC customer support told me that they weren't responsible for any of my losses. I tried to push my case against some of their casinos but they kept on refusing to take responsibility for it because they were the people who endorsed the site. After months of trying to push my case, I just gave up. I made the conclusion that most of the gambling sites endorsed by BetWithBTC are frauds. They aren?t reliable gambling sites. All they do is steal your money. They are out to make money by taking yours.

I advise all of the online gamblers out there who are interested in investing time and money in BetWithBTC endorsed websites to do tons of research. It might save you tons of money. Not all the reviews you read about these gambling sites are true, especially the good ones. I recently found out that these gambling sights pay BetWithBTC to make good reviews and remove bad reviews. I could say that out of ten(10) gambling sites, only one(1) is reliable and non-fraudulent.For all the current players who have yet to experience the same problems I experienced, stop now before you do. Don't let these frauds get you too. Stop now, before it's too late. Don't wait until you've lost thousands of dollars before you stop.

BetWithBTC and its partners are nothing but fraudulent gambling sites that cancel your withdrawals with no reason, and when asked why, these online casinos ignore your complaints and your questions. Beware! If you're looking for a good online gambling site, stay away from BetWithBTC.


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