SCAM OHM Balanced Garcinia Cambogia - OHM Balanced Garcinia Cambogia

Posted on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 2:23pm CDT by fd433228

Product: OHM Balanced Garcinia Cambogia

Company: SCAM OHM Balanced Garcinia Cambogia

Location: NJ, US

Category: Online Scams

This is a bunch of thieves stealing hard earned money. They need to be placed under the jail. They hit my CC twice for 79.95 and I received nothing. Called their 1-888-445-7487 to find out it was disconnected or no longer in service. Here is what I sent to them:

1. This product has done absolutely nothing for me.

2. I've been charged twice on my credit card and received NOTHING for the $79.95.

3. The 1-888-445-7487 number you list here is bogus, disconnected and obviously this is a scam.

4. Notifying my CC company to block you off my CC.

5. I am also contacting my attorney regarding this scam.

6. I am contacting the BBB regarding this scam.


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