FashionGo - NOT True Wholesale - Misleading

Posted on Monday, May 26th, 2014 at 1:48am CDT by 560487d2

Company: FashionGo



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Recently found out that this site promoting "Wholesale" merchandise suppliers is clearly not that. Most of the vendors and/or manufacturers are selling at an inflated rate. These vendors are located in the Los Angeles Fashion District. Believe this is misleading and makes it hard for business owners like myself to make a real profit. Thinking we are getting a deal and finding out we are not.

Even if the merchandise is of good quality they mark up what they would normally sell in person by at least 100% (if not more.) You can't make a profit if what you originally paid is what it is actually worth. At least not if you are being honest...

Bottom line, shop your local city marketplace if you can. And if you are buying online make sure the business is a direct distributer without the markups!

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2e79c84b, 2014-12-07, 02:21PM CST

The vendors on fashiongo are legitimate wholesalers -- they are the same vendors you find in the garment district, and the same vendors that supply large companies like Forever 21, Nasty Gal, Lulus, Charlotte Russe etc. You just have to pay a higher price because you're a small store who buys in small quantities.

A distributor is always going to have a mark up, hence the fact that they're a distributor (they buy from manufacturers and "distribute" it to retailers). I think what you mean is a manufacturer, and still manufacturers cannot sell you merchandise at cost or else they won't make a profit -- there will always be a markup. You seem very new to the industry and you clearly have a lot to learn.

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