Weather Tite Windows - Costly Windows and Poor Services

Posted on Sunday, May 25th, 2014 at 5:53pm CDT by Neal

Product: PGT 2300 Series Windows

Company: Weather Tite Windows

Location: FL, US

Category: Building, Construction

I contracted with Weather Tite Windows to install 3 new windows in my home. I later learned I could have had the same windows installed for half the price. Anyhow, they never finished the job. They left off the screw caps pending approval by the County Inspector, but they have never come back. Worse than that, they scheduled the inspection all day, 0800-1700, and nobody ever showed up. I finally wrote a letter to the company President: He never responded, presumably since they already had my money. When I called again, they once again told me I had to be home all day, 8-5, and once again, nobody ever showed up. In my opinion, you would save both time and money by selecting a different installer.


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