Qablawi Auto Sales - Reneges on Arrangements

Posted on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 9:42am CDT by Chad S.

Product: Jeep 2007 Wrangler

Company: Qablawi Auto Sales

Location: 1206 North Cocoa Boulevard
COCOA, FL, 32922, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I purchased a vehicle from Qablawi in July 2012 and it was scheduled to be paid off in October 2014. In May of 2014 they repossessed the car after a payment was 2 days late, even though I had made arrangements with one of the finance associates that all my payments starting in February would be 9 days late (the purchase agreement states there is a 10 day grace period so I was still within the window).

In April I contacted them asking if I could miss a payment and make the following two a payment and half each to become caught up and I was told it would be fine. I skipped the payment they approved, the next payment came due (due on a Wednesday but per my agreement in February it would be 9 days late) and on that Saturday the car was taken. When I called the following Monday I was told in order to get the car back I had to make the two "late" payments plus the next AND pay a repo fee. When I explained to the person on the phone (who is the same person I made the arrangement with) that the car should not have been taken per our arrangement she said there was nothing that could be done. I requested to speak to the manager at this point and he was rude from the beginning and when I knew I wasn't getting anywhere and said I would pay what they wanted he stated he was going to put the other person back on the phone. Mt response was simply "whatever" and he response was "whatever? Now you aren't getting your car back. You have 10 days to pick up your personal items"

Since then all calls I and my legal representation have made to them have ended up being pointless. Either no one is available to speak with us or they hang up.

The purchase price of the vehicle was $24,000, I have paid $20,000 and know they are trying to block me from getting the car back so that they can resell it and make more money off of it.


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