- pissed me off!! They are SCAMMERS!!!!

Posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014 at 5:14pm CDT by roy c.



Location: US


Category: Online Scams is a scam. At the moment they are holding on to my 18 Bitcoin in winnings and my 2 Bitcoin deposit. They are not telling me what was wrong with my account ? they said it was at their discretion and that basically I was not going to receive my winnings anytime soon. It is bad enough when you play at an online casino that accepts Bitcoin and they refuse to give you your winnings, but when they also keep your deposit it becomes the lowest of the low blows. I did not receive a bonus and I played risking only my own Bitcoin and never opted in for a bonus. When I was finally able to reach a manager in customer services I was told that it was in fact confiscated because their security team had detected some negative information linked to my account. Yeah right, Bitbet! I do not believe any of this nonsense and I am starting to hate the stall tactic. Fine, keep the winnings, but give me my deposit back. I was literally told that my account was closed and that my withdrawal would not be paid. I was referred to the terms and conditions on their website in case I wanted to know more about their procedures when it comes to flagged accounts. I asked for clarification but never received any. I am now at a loss at what to do, but I have not received a further reply. My Bitcoin is gone and my account is closed. If this does not scream scam to you, I am not sure what will. Oh and to top it all off, this happened 3 months ago and I have not heard anything back since then. I am not sure what to do anymore and I am pretty pissed.


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