red carpet inn - disgusting

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 12:30am CDT by alec p.

Company: red carpet inn

Location: 1855 s. ridgewood ave

Category: Hotels

at first glance it looks like you're getting your moneys worth, that's what my wife and I thought. first problem was when we pulled the bed sheets down; there were ashes on the bed that our son decided to lay on and nasty unsanitary blood stain splatters on our beds pillow. we reached down to grab our daughters bottle that fell behind the night table and saw a bunch of trash; wrappers, a tissue, and what looked like to be a dried up snot/spit. everything in the bathroom was broken, not safe for children at all. the only good thing was they let us book the room for 40$ instead of 45$, and because of this we were not going to write a review. The reason I am on here now is because when we brought these issues to the staffs attention as we were leaving that morning, they were beyond rude and uncaring. telling me I was a liar in a very serious manner. I brought the blood splattered pillow up there to show them I was not a liar, but the owner told me it was my own blood from that night. I was not looking for a refund or any compensation, simply just bringing it to their attention so they would not make the same mistake. I am furious with this kind of treatment, and warm anyone looking at this review to RUN the other way. This place needs to be shut down, no good reviews anywhere on this place, only one (obvious) fake review.


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