PuroClean Dayton ohio - Water mitigation

Posted on Friday, May 16th, 2014 at 9:11pm CDT by 0bd23624

Product: Water mitigation

Company: PuroClean Dayton ohio

Location: US

Category: Building, Construction

They start a job but then go start someone else and so on. They held our construction up 6 weeks by not coming back.

When they did return they sent some office clerk over to compleat the work. She had no idea what was going on or what she was doing. Looked like she was making it up as she went. It looked like her first time.

During the water removal they laid a drain over our brand new carpet. Of course it leaked and ruined the 6 day old carpet.

They took two rugs the first day and although PuroClean has been fully paid we have yet to see the rugs.

They demanded payment but the idiots hadn't even sent an invoice.

It seemed in my opinion like a scam between them and our adjuster. He called them in, they started and we'll they just didn't return for weeks to finish. He didn't seem to care.

They office clerk was abusive and obnoxious during the entire process, from scheduling a return visit ( they cancelled twice) to telling us pay now and we will return your property after payment. ( we still haven't gotten it)

Now we're going to take them to court to get our property back.

DONT USE THEM! They talk a good game but it's a terrible company to work with.


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