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Posted on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 7:32pm CDT by linda n.

Product: National Grid Utility

Company: National Grid Utility

Location: 40 Sylvan Street
WALTHAM, MA, 02451, US


Category: Home, Garden

I am a BRAND NEW customer of National Grid Corporation. I have not even been a National Grid customer long enough to be late on a payment, but National Grid has found a way to make sure that I am and in debt collections too!!

I recently moved to Cheshire, MA. due to an employment change.

For the past 3 months, I have been requesting an electric usage invoice from National Grid and I have never received one!

I have corrected my PO BOX mailing address with National Grid at least 3 times.

Despite calling, paying my bills over the phone with a credit card and incurring a $2.00 credit card payment fee each time, I still have been placed into collection TWICE (as a I am right now)!!

I have never received a billing date or an account number from National Grid. For the past 3 months Natl. Grid, was using an INCORRECT (PO BOX) mailing address! (mailing to Cheshire, MA. instead of Adams, MA)

I have called and corrected the PO Box information at least 3 times, last correction was on May 07, 2013 and I paid more money:

($150.00 + $2.00 fee on 04/07/2014 CONF.# 9306253)

($87.23 + $2.00 fee on 05/07/2014 CONF.# 9439468)

I have never been placed into collections with a PUBLIC UTILITY for any reason and now I am. I was called by Natl. Grid today and once again spoken to, in a most disagreeable manner concerning this overdue ($246.00)invoice. I never knew the invoice was overdue!!

When I called the Customer Service line, I was been treated badly and spoken to rudely. I was told today, "IT is YOUR! responsibility to pay your bill on time and to make sure that National Grid has the correct address, for the bill!"

National Grid and their Customer Service employees are unprofessional, deeply rude to NEW customer and damaging their credit reports.

I have been trying to resolve this with them for 3 months. I get nothing back but surly responses and harassing phone calls. I do not deserve this poor treatment nor to be placed into debt collection, which is now on my CREDIT REPORT!!

I have already (email) contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General (Boston and Springfield offices) about the resolution of this problem. I am also contacting the Massachusetts Department of Public Utility Complaints and the Better Business Bureau in the Berkshires of Massachusetts.

I would like an explanation for the mismanagement of my NEW account from the National Grid. This needs to be rectified, asap.

I NEED to be taken OUT OF COLLECTIONS and given ample time to pay this bill and to receive the proper invoices, on time!


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