- SatoshiDice are SCAM!

Posted on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 2:46pm CDT by ba8fc38b



Location: US


Category: Online Scams

Satoshidice?s motto should be throw the dice and lose all of your Satoshi! I think they used to be under different management when I joined but unfortunately as the time went on, they fell out of favor only a couple of years after opening their doors for Bitcoin business. They completely stopped paying their players and affiliates and turned into one of the biggest scammers out there. They credited me with a 100% bonus up to 2 BTC before I even deposited anything to receive the said bonus. When I tried to tell them they had made a mistake because I did not request any bonuses, I was ignored and told that I would have to honor the wagering requirements before I could withdraw any of my Bitcoin, be it my initial deposit or my winnings. I was given the run around on document approval for payouts and withdrawals and I was told that this was for my own protection. I do not believe any of this. I think Satoshidice is stalling my payouts because they just do not have enough Bitcoin in their pool to pay everyone out at the same time. I refuse to agree to installments because I did not win my money in installments. I won a large amount and I want to receive it in a one-time payment. What if they decide to stop the installments? Exactly! The payouts have been slowed to a crawl and I have to jump through hoops like a circus horse to get paid. This is a common stall tactic and I have experienced it before, but not quite on the same level as Satoshidice. They make up excuses and delay the withdrawals hoping that I will give up and leave them alone or carry on playing and therefore making them even more money.


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