Pad Thai restaurant, highland Park, NJ - Racist behavior by stuff and unfair charges, unhygienic condition.

Posted on Monday, May 12th, 2014 at 8:26am CDT by Janet G.

Product: Pad Thai Restaurant

Company: Pad Thai restaurant, highland Park, NJ

Location: 217 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904 (732) 247-9636

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Stuffs at Pad Thai restaurant at Highland park, NJ seem to be racist bigots. They are all Asian (Thai I suppose) and tend to kiss up to any customer who is of Caucasian decent while mistreat anyone who is of Indian decent. I read complaints on internet about them being rude to people whose name or picture looks to be Indian, African American, Latino etc. I bet they are very nice to anyone who is Caucasian or Asian. This is disheartening in this decade that there are establishments who discriminate this way while doing business in America.

Waitresses were incredibly rude and aggressive while we went to dine with our elderly parents and children. They do not have any kids menu, However she was screaming towards us to make sure we order one main entree per person including children, even after we ordered appetizer and beverages for children and full course meals and beverages for all adults.

Waitress serving the food had nails contains black dirt under it and food debris and dirt sticking on top of her hand but

kept a very agree dive and violent look at us and snapped at anything we asked her.

At the end on the bill they automatically added twenty percent tips and then on the receipt demanded we add more tips until I pointed out she has already added tips in the bill. However she just turned her face with a dirty look without any remorse fir her apparent unfair supposition.

They added tax on the top of automatically added tips, not sure if that us common practice to add tips on the of tips.


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