PREPAID MOBILE SHOP LLC, GOGO Mobile LLC - Asked for my credit card and took a $299 without my consent

Posted on Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 at 4:56pm CDT by 84576495

Product: prepaid sim card


Location: 488 7th Ave. Ste. 3d New York, NY 10018
NEW YORK, NY, NY 10018, US


Category: Telecommunications

I am an international traveller visiting USA for the first time in my life, my bad luck took me to this cheep mobile shop to buy a prepaid sim card, the salesperson asked me for my credit card and he insisted that this is a regulation applied in all USA. I gave him the credit card Plus $20 the sim card cost. He then printed me a receipt with $299 taken from my credit card without my consent. When I complained about this, he said this is a requirement that we link your card with the sim and it will be used for authorisation purpose only and we have not charged you anything. When I went home, I noticed that the amount was taken from my card and never came back again. I write this simple review to warn people about my incident especially the new comers to the USA.


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74cd02b2, 2014-05-11, 07:23PM CDT

I also had the same problem.

Shop is a scam and totally dishonest.


Micheline M., 2014-05-19, 08:37AM CDT

J'ai subi la meme mesaventure, en mars 2014, je suis allee dans cette boutique qui m'a facture 217 euros, en me disant que je serais remboursee dans un mois. Je n'ai toujours rien recu.

A mon avis, ce sont des VOLEURS !

carolina r., 2014-06-02, 02:00PM CDT

It happened to me the same! I bought a chip for $33 and a deposit of $ 149 + tax, now they are charging me the deposit with my credit card.

I can not believe that in a country like USA through this and nobody does anything.


Carolina Rodr?guez. Uruguay

john j., 2014-06-03, 02:50AM CDT

yes i was scamed by this company now trying to get money back it doesnt look like i will get it back so if any one neads a sim stay a way from gogo mobile they are scammers and they are liars

carolina r., 2014-06-03, 06:52AM CDT


could you communicate with them? the phone numbers listed on the invoice does not receive calls and appearing on the Internet is out of use.

I live in Uruguay so I'm hiring a lawyer to put them demand

Olimpio M., 2014-06-05, 07:11PM CDT

I was robbed by this shop too : Prepaid mobile, 488 7th Ave, New York, NY, 10018.

I payed US $ 22.00 for 12 days using a prepaid Simple Mobile SIM card, and they asked me my credit card to complete the operation.

I asked the salesman why he needs my credit card, and he told me that was a normal practice, to warrant the cell operator (Simple Mobile) against misuse or overuse of its SIM card.

The salesman tolds me that after the contract finishing (12 days) the charge on my credit card would be "dropped" and no more charges would be made on my credit card.

I bought at Prepaid Mobile shop, the operator is Simple Mobile and oddly the credited company was Amazing Wireless World.

I?ve contacted Simple Mobile and notice them about this bad trick applied by this shop.

They are dishonest.

Don't trust on them.

Now I'm looking how to record a complaint on any New York City Authorities about this irregular operation.

79b7d7f6, 2014-06-06, 03:31PM CDT

Same thing happened to my friend from Italy. We went to the store and they wanted to sell her a sim card plus the phone. When I gave them my (us)credit card they charged her $158 instead of $35 for a phone and the card that she will never use past her 7 days in NYC. When I told them I will not pay for it, they made me pay for the useless sim card because they opened it from the original packaging ($32.63 cash). Not only that they yelled at my friend. I was so distressed that I wasn't even thinking about calling cops. I wish I did. Now I know what scammers those guys are and seeing other comments that we are not the only one taken advantage of.

For all the tourists out there - we went to AT&T store on 34th and 7th and got a phone and the sim card for $35 that worked really well here.

84576495, 2014-06-12, 09:47AM CDT

it seems there are many victims of this shop, that mean the shop is still running and ready to deceive many other people (unbelievable this happen in Newyork), anyway I raised a dispute to my bank and they promised me to get my money back, if you were rubbed by this shop contact your bank and raise a dispute.

c366c84f, 2014-06-12, 09:35PM CDT

I got my refund back 180 days. I was initially very scared and I didn't think I was going to get my money back. I emailed them my transaction number and the amount and they refunded my money back. Here is the email : [email protected]

73f43b72, 2014-06-16, 11:11AM CDT

THANK YOU!! I finally got my money back as well. Those guys didn't help but they provided me with the email and I'm very happy to say I GOT MY MONEY. I advise everyone to email the company directly at [email protected] They are quick to respond and are very helpful.

Alexandra G., 2014-06-28, 03:33PM CDT

I got the same thing of you guys.

I sent an e mail to [email protected] They replied me

"Good Afternoon Prepaid Mobile Customer,

In order for us to start processing your rebate back to the credit/debit on file we need your transaction number. Thanks for your patronage.

Rebates Team

Prepaid Mobile Shop LLC"

Should I give my credit card number ?

Alexandra G., 2014-06-28, 03:37PM CDT


I sent an email to [email protected] and they replied me :

"Good Afternoon Prepaid Mobile Customer,

In order for us to start processing your rebate back to the credit/debit on file we need your transaction number. Thanks for your patronage.

Rebates Team

Prepaid Mobile Shop LLC"

Should I give them my credit card number, I am kind of scared now...

bob G., 2014-07-03, 07:51PM CDT

Guys this is not a scam the same thing almost happened to me. They give you two options, option A pay for you sim card and your activation fee. Option B they waive your activation & sim card fee then you have to have a credit limit depending on how many days/months your visiting America and how many sim cards your purchasing. Just make sure you pay attention to the sales associates when they're explaining the plan to you. I chose option A the never asked me for my credit card. Even if you choose option B that money is reimbursable you just have to follow the guidelines of the agreement they give you. Just be careful not to fall into option B because if you cancel it is a $99.99 cancellation fee. My suggestion for you guys just wait out the 180 days and your money will go back to you.

Claire G., 2014-07-21, 09:32AM CDT


Same thing happened to me. I was charged the full amount even though I was never informed. Then the phone I got didn't even work so I went back to the store numerous times! One of the guys working there was extremely rude and aggressive and finally I spoke to who I think was the manager. I told him I didn't want the phone as it was useless - I returned the phone and was promised that I would not be charged but surprise, surprise I was charged!

I am currently disputing the transaction but my credit card company need confirmation that I returned the phone so the saga continues! Stay away from this company a payphone is a safer option!!!

Claire (Ireland)

sam r., 2014-07-29, 01:12PM CDT

Hello All,The same think happen with me and this guys are not at all responding me. Yesterday I went to there shop at 36ST 7 Ave. But I did not get any satisfactory option.

I am end up with paying $217 this guys are damn froud.

I am thinking about going to NYPD if they did not respond me back on my mail Id.

f9792379, 2014-07-29, 09:39PM CDT

Thanks a lot for the email address. I was able to get my deposit back after 180 days. YAY.

Jessica H., 2014-08-01, 11:50AM CDT

Hey I messed up as we'll by picking option B but it's been 76 days and I got my money back as we'll. Overall the customer service wasn't bad but maybe I should have paid attention a little more to what the sales associate was saying. Overall my phone works great and the service worked all over America. But the deposit hold on my credit card did put a little damper on my vacation.

eacea4bd, 2014-08-04, 09:43AM CDT

Had the exact same story, unfortunately, I did not check about the shop before buying the SIM (data card). I sent an e.mail to the company, and will update if I'll get my money back!

Anne D., 2014-08-05, 03:45PM CDT

The same happened to me! Now I am staying for 6 months and I will have a different number every month! And they charged the amount of 217,00 on my credit card also!

Now I have to go to the store every month because I can't activate my phone online, otherwise I will be charged again!!!

eacea4bd, 2014-08-08, 06:50AM CDT

I am collecting information from people who been scammed by this store in order to go to the press.

Please send me your stories to: [email protected]

2ea65c6f, 2014-08-08, 10:38AM CDT


I visited this store last year and I was greeted very well by the staff but I didn't fully understand the store policy because I was in a rush. I ended by being charged an extra $217 which they told me was due to excessive international calling. I was unhappy that I had to wait but today I was finally refunded the full amount. I advise to shop elsewhere to avoid stress!!!

0fc57b49, 2014-08-08, 10:57AM CDT

Hello All,

I have a solution to this problem. I have been in touch with one of the reps from the store who has helped me tremendously. I highly suggest that you contact him by emailing at:

[email protected]

Also remember to put attention: CHUCK

That guy is so good! He was able to get my refund and free service for a month.

eacea4bd, 2014-08-12, 03:12AM CDT

Unfortunately, Chuck didn't help me.

Thank you guys for sending me your details, but I need a few more, in order to go to the press. So, please keep sending me!!

We're talking here about thousands of dollars!!

My e.mail: [email protected]

d1fd3e3a, 2014-08-13, 05:36PM CDT

I also got ripped off at this place. After getting 2 X $22 sim cards the night we arrived and heading back to my motel room, I suspected something was a bit off. I looked at the paperwork that this shop provided and only then realised that they had processed $217 X 2 for the 2 sims that we had purchased. I was so angry and headed back to the shop the following morning to complain. This ended up being a stand up argument, and a number of lies and false promises that I would get my money back when I got back to Australia, but I refused to leave until the issue was resolved. I had the charges recredited to my card. Thanks to this website, I was able to get back to the shop as soon as I realised I had been ripped off and get my money back. I have nothing good to say about this place and the staff prey on unsuspecting tourists. I will happily provide my details to stop these criminals from ripping other unsuspecting tourists off.

a0080466, 2014-08-13, 09:41PM CDT

I used to work there trust me u will never see your money I'm 100% sure u not. the only way is to call consumer affairs or go personally to the office and also the better Business Bureau trust me. Also they going to keep telling you about 180days that's bullshit and if they tell u we put a search ticket that's bull shit to be carful

Olival F., 2014-08-14, 12:06PM CDT

On August 4th, I bought a Nexus 5 handset at this Prepaid Mobile store. I wanted an unlocked cell phone to be used abroad, mainly in my country, and I asked the seller, a young man called Hector, the kind of discount he could offer. He explained that the full price was $399,99, but I could have a discount paying $325 under the conditions of not using American carriers in the next 180 days. He explained that the full value would be kept on hold on my credit card for the case I do not fulfill the agreement. We set the deal.

However, when I saw my credit card facture today I noticed I was charged twice, both for the discount value and the full price. Thus my credit card was charged for AMAZING WIRELESS WORLD NEW YORK both $353.84 (discount value plus tax) and $435.49 (full price plus tax).

This was not the deal I set ! To keep on hold on your card is not to be charged for eventual reimbursement. To keep on hold is not rebate ! Even if I would receive one of this value after 180 days, this is not a fair deal ! I am sure in a legal dispute about this they would loose the dispute, not to say their marked credibility. Any way, I just cannot keep about $400 in their pockets for 180 days. Neither I can trust I will be alive to get it back nor I can trust they will be in business after six months.

I called the store and they told me to not worry and advised me to write to [email protected] that the issue would be solved. I did it, I got automatic answers but till now, one week later, no real answer. It clearly a scam.

c40457cd, 2014-08-14, 01:16PM CDT

I bought an iPhone 5S in January and I finally got my refund back for $299.99. I emailed them last week and I received money back on my card. I'm so thankful now but I was upset because I didn't understand the 180 days thing. They told me if I wanted it earlier, I would have to pay a cancellation fee of $100.00 and the money would be returned immediately. If you want your money back fast, tell them to charge the cancellation fee and return the rest back.

eacea4bd, 2014-08-15, 02:58AM CDT

Do not give them any more money!! this cancellation fee will go away with the rest of your money!

eacea4bd, 2014-08-17, 11:18AM CDT

Ha! guess what? I sent another mail to "Chuck", but received the exact same comment, although I asked a completely different thing... so I guess there is no one really reading the mails we are sending to [email protected] It's an automated response! Sorry people, but going to the press is our only chance, so please keep sending me massages with your stories to: [email protected]

gaston, 2014-08-21, 04:36PM CDT

Same issue , we bought 2 phones (end of july 2014) and 440 extra were charged !

We are in Uruguay now , wish i could go back to the shop.

Anyone really got the money back after mailing

[email protected] ?



9ef2c8bb, 2014-08-21, 05:06PM CDT

Thank GOD! I thought I wasn't going to get my money back but I received my money back but they paid my through PAYAPL. It took 180 days to get it back and I had to email them numerous times. I emailed them a month before to make sure I was going to get my money back. Never again!!!! I am still very upset because I was in a rush when I bought this and I didn't pay attention to the A**hole who assisted me.

Phyllis C., 2014-09-12, 08:49AM CDT

I have same case here , I got my SIM card from prepaid mobile on fashion ave in NY . The problem is they didn't tell me they will charge me $1088 USD as a deposit . After my credit card can't work in NY , I recognized they charged me $1088 from my credit card . So I went to the shop yesterday to ask the salesperson. He just say just email to the company then you will get ur deposit back after three days . But I saw the agreement says need to take 180 days so I asked the salesperson . He said no~ u will get your money back after three days since you send the email to the company . So I send the mail to [email protected] which shows on the agreement . Then I got the reply from them :Thank you for your patronage. We have already started to process your deposit back to credit/debit we have on file. All sim cards expire in 180 days and any credit that has not been utilized will be returned back. Your account will be credited once the sim cards expires. For any further updates, please contact us back after 180 days from the date of the transaction.

I feel so scared that I can't get my money back so I'm happy to see someone already get it back . So disappointed it happened during my holiday in NY . Hope it won't happen on other pp or any tourist like me .

489d26d3, 2014-09-12, 09:55AM CDT

I didn't read the agreement as well when I went and I had to wait 180 days to get my money back. You will definitely get you're money back just email them for a confirmation Phyllis.

beef3f5d, 2014-09-15, 03:54PM CDT

Me found the page after buy my sim card but me glad to say that bastards finally returned my money on after 180 days. Me have their number for u need to contact...646-708-0739. Me also email in [email protected]

ba2ab1ed, 2014-09-15, 07:01PM CDT

We had same experience where they claimed that they will not any money from the card but later we came to know that they have hold $272 extra.

Same time while we were purchasing card, salesman was working slowly, made delay and make sure that it takes 10-15 minutes so that at the last you sign contract without reading it in hurry.

On same day we went back and he gave email id to (which belongs someone from their own) and I am sure this is going to take 180 days (half year) to get back that money OR will not get it atall. + We are going to loose $22 as a service tax on deposit even if we get it.

They are doing cheat.


Mark D., 2014-09-16, 11:38PM CDT

Unfortunately the same happened to me. I just wanted a SIM card. Then they told me I could get 150

$ discount on mobile phones - not bad - so I got 2 phones and to SIM cards - for my wife and myself. The salespersons uses phrases as "there's a 349 $ limit" and "after 180 days your card will expire" - I feel so stupid! They were really nice and friendly in the shop - once I got back to the apartment I saw

they charged me a total of 2500 $ - around 1800 $ more than what I paid for the phones and SIM cards! Needless to say I totally panicked -

But it in the middle of the night and I have no idea as what to do! I guess I have to wait but this is the worst, most unethical service I ever experienced. It kind of ruins the vacation :-(

Hope I get my money. 1800 is a fortune for some one who does voluntary work.

Thanks for sharing guys and girls!

a369baaa, 2014-09-19, 05:30PM CDT

Bought a gopro hero 3+ from theses barstards on the 17.09.2014 on returning to london I found they had charged me for an item I had not asked for or received an extra $499.00 dollars

DO NOT USE YOUR DEBIT CARD only cash this has put me off shopping in America as there is no security when it comes to this kind of behavior

bbbd2253, 2014-09-21, 02:53AM CDT


Same happened to me, when I bought a perpaid Lycamobile SIM mobile card from Prepaid Mobile shop, Fasion Av 488, New York, Ny-10018 on July 29 2014.

I clearly told them before buying the SIM card that I want to pay by cash for this transaction. However they asked my Credit Card saying this is just a procedure and my card will not be charged as I am paying the cash.

However I was shocked to know afterwards that they had charged $300/- as a deposit which they never explained me earlier. If they had explained me this trick I would have never bought this mobile SIM package as I did not want to use by credit card for this transaction due to less balance in my credit account which I wanted to use for some other shopping. When I enquired this to the salesman, he said that once I send a mail to [email protected], I will get the money back in 30 days. I sent a mail to the same e-mail address after coming back to my home country but got a reply that I will get the refund deposit back after 180 days. How the hell they can keep my money for 180 days without providing any service?

Due to the above issue I faced so much trouble as money was blocked in my credit card which I was unable to use.

Can any one advise if we can lodge a complain to NYPD for this shop as they are cheating so many people.

Thanks and regards,

Qaisar I

eacea4bd, 2014-09-21, 03:11AM CDT

Hello, I posted several times an e.mail address for your stories, as I sent all of them to several news websites. The e.mail is: [email protected]

One of you also sent me the website address of consumer protection in NY:

So, you can also report the store on this site, although I'm not sure if this will help.

I really hope that your stories will help stop this store from working.

Good luck to all of us!

8569ea34, 2014-09-21, 12:34PM CDT

I am a lawyer from Mexico and I just received my refund back after 180 days. When I made the purchase I understood what the sales rep communicated but I also did my due diligence by reading the agreement that I signed. When I read the agreement, I understood the whole 180 days process. My best advice is to read before you sign and email the company directly for assistance. Never rely solely on you store reps information especially when you are signing an agreement.

Here is the information for rebates:

[email protected]

[email protected]

For complaints email them at:

[email protected]

Once I emailed their complaints department, they did their best to reassure me they were willing to comply to all my request.

I hope you guys and girls will find this information helpful.

Chris M., 2014-09-21, 01:43PM CDT

Currently I have concluded my agreement with Prepaid Mobile. I never quite had an issue with the store as I read the terms of agreement with great detail. I pretty much expected that I would have my money put down as a temporary deposit but I thought it would only be for 30 days not 180 days. I contacted the support team about 35 days from the start of my agreement and they refunded my money promptly within 48 hours.

eacea4bd, 2014-09-22, 03:07AM CDT

Amazingly, after every claim post, in a matter of hours, there is a post by a person who got his money back. Well first of all I wonder why you didn't post here before you got your money back, and second, what makes you post after you got your money??

As I see it, a person who got scammed will look for this site and not a person who just got his money, unless most of those posts are planted by the store!!

So please, Mr. Chris M. and Mr. lawyer from Mexico, please send me an e.mail with your stories, so I could confirm them. The e.mail: [email protected]

Thank you very much in behalf of all the scammed people.

BTW, I wanted to show you what was left from my agreement (nothing! the ink has vanished!) but there is no way to upload here images.

e21be012, 2014-09-22, 03:49PM CDT

In my case I bought an iphone and were double charged in U$499.99 .. the way they do it looks very trustful and i signed the agreement without reading it. And worst, i signed the two receipts of 499.99 and didnt notice that the value was passed twice. Only when i got back into the hotel i saw that i was charged twice for the phone. Actually, when i left the store i felt that something was weird..

I've sent an email to rebates email and got an answer back to get in touch with them in 180 days... but this is definitely weird.. website finishes in ".co" not ".com".. the website doesnt have much information, etc...

Well, i will wait those 180 days and see what i get.. hope to get the money back.. but will be looong 180 days :-/

52359e98, 2014-09-25, 08:23PM CDT

Same here. I bought an iphone and the charged me for TWO phones!

0d0d788b, 2014-09-26, 08:53AM CDT

The same thing happened to me, I'm from Australia and I bought a prepaid sim card for $25 ($27) with tax. I then later realised that an additional $399 had been taken from my credit card account. I immediately returned to the shop and asked for a refund but they told me that I have to pay more money to do so. I decided to take this on the chin and I was 'refunded' $326. HOWEVER, instead of refunding me $326, they processed it as a sale and charged me a further $326, resulting in me having to pay around $1000 AUD for a $27 sim card. I am currently getting onto my bank. The phone numbers on the receipts do not answer. THIS 'COMPANY' IS A SCAM. Does anyone else have any advice?


gaston, 2014-09-26, 09:39AM CDT

Regarding what "eacea4bd, 2014-09-22, 03:07AM CDT " posted :

True, after every complaint , some asshole is trying to make us believe we might get the money back (wish any of those posts is true) but I am deeply annoyed !

The guys from the shop are thieves, I dont know who is managing that shop and making money this way, but they deserve something very very bad


gaston, 2014-09-26, 09:41AM CDT

Regarding what "eacea4bd, 2014-09-22, 03:07AM CDT " posted :

True, after every complaint , some asshole is trying to make us believe we might get the money back (wish any of those posts is true) but I am deeply annoyed !

The guys from the shop are thieves, I dont know who is managing that shop and making money this way, but they deserve something very very bad


gaston, 2014-09-26, 09:48AM CDT

Regarding what "eacea4bd, 2014-09-22, 03:07AM CDT " posted :

True, after every complaint , some asshole is trying to make us believe we might get the money back (wish any of those posts is true) but I am deeply annoyed !

The guys from the shop are thieves, I dont know who is managing that shop and making money this way, but they deserve something very very bad


eacea4bd, 2014-09-26, 01:37PM CDT

Hello all, its me again with the [email protected]

As I posted before, I sent our stories to several news websites. But, in order to speed up the procedure, I want to ask you all to send your stories (as a message) to 2 facebook pages:

I am sure that if they will receive several complaints they'll publish it sooner.

Thank you and good luck to us all.

30bc852c, 2014-09-30, 07:44AM CDT

Just to add to the comments made by others. Same experience. I read the contract carefully when purchasing a 20 USD contract from PrePaid Mobile (on Simple Mobile). I was aware that money would be taken as a deposit from my debit card. I was very sure to clarify with the sales assistant, however, that this was a refundable deposit and would be returned to me at the end of my service.

My receipt is attached to a "Sim Card Agreement" -- of which the ink, conveniently is beginning to fade dramatically -- which states that the deposit will be refunded once the transaction number is emailed to [email protected]

I have not yet heard back from this address, although I am still hoping to do so. Needless to say, I am still awaiting the return of the 326.61 USD taken from my account.

It is more than clear to me that this vendor, situated at 488 Fashion Ave in Manhattan, is designed, in particular, to trick those who do not live in New York permanently.

4250f6f9, 2014-09-30, 09:59AM CDT

the same to me!!

I bought a go pro for 163 usd and charged me 217 dollars more without my consent.

total: 380 usd!!

fully scammers.

I am very angry


gabriel- Arganetina

traveler t., 2014-09-30, 08:01PM CDT

tHE same happend to me today, the told the as all the person here and chsrged 853 dollar more than the total price please iam still in new york if some bady can tell me what to do just contact me i will be here until friday..

011850b8, 2014-09-30, 10:04PM CDT

I just received my rebate back after 180 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - THANK YOU

bbbd2253, 2014-10-01, 12:12AM CDT

Dear Martinez, I suggest you immediately call New York Police Department (NYPD) and explain your complain to them in detail. Their number is 800-577-8477.

Alternatively you can lodge this shops detail to the following URL of NYPD:

Please also report your complain to the following New York consumer protection portal:

Hope you have not signed the Credit Card receipt. You should also contact your Credit Card supplier bank to report this case, so that they can file the dispute to the credit card supporting bank in USA.

We should do our best to ensure that the shop management is punished for their crime and is not able to cheat any one else from now on.

Best regards,


eacea4bd, 2014-10-01, 08:03AM CDT

I found the owner profile on Facebook :

I will try to write him in order to see what does he have to say about everything.

2adb7eaf, 2014-10-02, 03:35AM CDT

Same thing happened with us 2 days back. They charged us $250 without our consent and refused to take it back. This is a total scam, they should be reported!

Sheldon N., 2014-10-01, 09:38AM CDT

Stay Away from This Store, is All I have to Say...STAY AWAY... These guys are trained con artiste...Authorized NEW YORK City Crooks..Approved by NYC..since the authorities are well familiar with them, that allow for unsuspected visitors to be robbed by these people on a daily basis.

I have reported the matter to the BBB, but they had no response from the company ...(BBB is just a waste of time and effort).

Prepaid Mobile Shop LLC/Gogo Mobile "What ever their SCAM name is" have no respect for the NYC authority and the sad part is that the people in charge of NYC know of these guys and what they are doing, YES i am BASHING the NYC/BBB and NYC Business Community since nothing is being done to shut these thieves down. Basically allowing innocent visitors that come to Manhattan and spend billions of dollars on an annual basis, that significantly help run your economy to get robbed without you guys doing anything about it. Just go ahead and Google Prepaid Mobile Shop LLC and you will see the MANY MANY MANY complaints of visitors who were robbed.

In July 2014 on a visit to Manhattan with my daughter, I decided to purchase the I phone unlocked cell from the store. Whilst there the staff was very friendly wanting to know where I was from and pretending to know my country (creating small talk). I asked the price of the I phone and was told it was ON SPECIAL for $299.99. I said no problem. Then I was pulled aside by the sale person and was informed of the following:

I was told that because the phone was unlocked, that I cannot use the phone on US network such as Verizon/Sprint/AT&T/T Mobile for 6 monts/180 days or else I will be charged a further US$249.99. I had no problem with this, since I did not Live in the US and did not plan on using the phone on a US network anyway.

I again asked what was I to be paying right now for the phone and he said US$299.99 plus tax, I AGAIN stated that this is only what ($299.99 PLUS TAX) I am willing to pay.

"This is where it starts to get good" The other sales persons started asking more question about my country etc, creating even more conversation, basically distracting you on what is to take place.

The sale guy produces two invoices, one for the phone $299.99 and the other for $249.99 in the event I break the agreement and register the phone on a US network. I again stated that I am only paying US$299.99 for the phone and nothing more, they agreed.

During this process my card was being swipe and all of the paper work was being printed (on one week fade away carbon paper with fading ink, luckily i copied the receipts). He then placed all the invoices together for signing including the credit card receipt properly folded and placed in between the other receipts, with the credit card amount folded to hide the charges, while you are being distracted with conversation from the other sales persons during signing.

Two days later while checking my account I realized that my card was charged for the full amount of $578.99 inclusive of tax. I went back to the store to have the matter rectify and was told that i will get a refund in 6 months, I then informed and reminded the sale person who sold me the phone, that I never agreed to pay $578.99 but $299.99 plus tax and that what he has done was unprofessional and unethical. I tried to return the phone, but was told that i cant since i had already opened the phone package.

He then informed to contact Mr Chuck Dailey at [email protected] who responded about 4 days later and stated I will have a refund in 6 mths. I explained to Mr Dailey what had happen and he emailed me the credit card slip sign for $578.99, to my surprise as it was the first time I saw that slip for the amount. I made reports, to BBB etc.

These guys are professional Crooks and hopefully they will rob the wrong person soon and gets what really coming to them...can't wait to read about that....

I have read some comments where some others have gotten back their money after six months, I don't know if they are also part of this SCAM, I will let you know if i get my money back..which I really doubt. So Do your SELF A HUGE HUGE favour and STAY AWAY FROM PREPAID MOBILE SHOP, GOGO MOBILE LLC in New York City.


Olimpio M., 2014-10-01, 10:01AM CDT

Congratulations, Sheldon.

You perfectly described the 'modus operandi' of these stealers.

They're well trained team.

One of the guys starts a friendly talk, asking where the customer is from, and how long will he be in NYC, and so on.

While the other one swipes your credit card ...

When you describe this scene I can see exactly what happened to me.

It's a scam ...

traveler t., 2014-10-01, 02:38PM CDT

I went again today to this shop to give me my money back and they didnt want me to accept the phone back, so i call the police and they have to give me back 890 Dollars but took the phone and total they chardged to my card was 1300 dollars, i have to go to put a complain in customer services and the police said that is clear that they are cheating peapple but every body has to make conplain..

traveler t., 2014-10-01, 02:39PM CDT

I went again today to this shop to give me my money back and they didnt want me to accept the phone back, so i call the police and they have to give me back 890 Dollars but took the phone and total they chardged to my card was 1300 dollars, i have to go to put a complain in customer services and the police said that is clear that they are cheating peapple but every body has to make conplain..

a369baaa, 2014-10-01, 03:58PM CDT

GOT ALL MY MONEY BACK as soon as I realised it was a con. After checking with complaints .com, I had my bank open a dispute and refund all of the fraudulently deducted money.

They will do it if you dont take no for an answer well done Halifax uk

We cant let these Bastards win

Sheldon N., 2014-10-01, 04:19PM CDT


I am really happy that you went to the Police (NYPD), your are lucky that you have visited this site on time to realize what was happening and that you are still in NYC, Please refer our problem to the NYPD, by telling them about the many complaints of the persons on this site. If there is particular Police officer or dept that we can contact and make a formal report, please let us know the email address and other telephone contact number

a369baaa, 2014-10-01, 06:18PM CDT

GOT ALL MY MONEY BACK as soon as I realised it was a con. After checking with complaints .com, I had my bank open a dispute and refund all of the fraudulently deducted money.

They will do it if you dont take no for an answer well done Halifax uk

We cant let these Bastards win

traveler t., 2014-10-01, 08:50PM CDT




eacea4bd, 2014-10-02, 06:35AM CDT

Hi Traveler!

Good for you! I will be happy to contact also any police officer or department if you have the details.

I am going to post this store details in any website in my country (and there are many) to inform any future visitor not to buy in this store!

There are many people here from different countries, so please do the same!!!

eacea4bd, 2014-10-02, 08:38AM CDT

Hi everyone! please review the shop on Yelp website:

So people would stay away!!!

Vincent, 2014-10-02, 03:52PM CDT

hello everybody

I googled the name of this store and I came across this post and it seems that I am not the only one who were fooled and cheated from this store. I am from Vietnam went to new York on past august, I went to the shop to buy a tourist or second hand mobile phone . The salesperson offered me iphone 5 with discounted price around $ 350 and he insisted that it is a very good offer. I decided to buy this phone with some calling credits. The salespersons ( short Hispanic guy) said that I could buy $100 of calling credits with just $ 50.I agreed on that, but he printed me a receipt of $ 1499 the price of the phone and the calling credits fees. He claimed that the extra charge is kept for potential calling credit use and not charged completely. He said that all eastern coast of USA work this way and I should not be worried. This turns to be a lie of course. This is shame I did not expect this to happen to me especially in a great city like New York. I registerd in this site just to share my experience with you. All the best and good luck

Shoshanna S., 2014-10-02, 07:57PM CDT

Hey same happened to me and my friend, we are german, so no native speakers, we just wanted to buy a normal sim-card for 10 dollars on it, the salesperson seemed nice and used phrases like "you have a 329 dollar limit" and you will be charged if you buy some extras, but when we went to our hostel we saw that they charged us 329 dollar each. We were totally angry and went to the shop next day, and the guy kept on telling us that he explained it to us, which isn't true, and that we get the money back after one month. We wrote an e- mail to the customer service and they wrote us we get the money back after 180 days, so the salesman lied two times in my face and i really hope that i get my money back after 6 month, otherwise i will engage a lawyer, these people are real thieves and bastards! I am not in new york anymore so i cant go in the shop to yell at them, but i called them today, i was really angry!!!! I hope the police will come and arrest all these people immediately. If you are in new york, go to this shop and yell at theae people!

traveler t., 2014-10-02, 06:52PM CDT

Hi, what every body has to do is, go in this website this is the bureu of consumer frauds and protection.

The adress is 120 broadway, 3rd flor NY,NY10271-0332 tel 212-416-8300 fax 212-416-8787. This is the place you have to go or call, they already know my case you can fill the complaint up by webside and send all documents you have from thestore

lets try all together this peaple from the shop go to jail. The person i spoke today told dont worry they will catch them.just tell the truth

Sheldon N., 2014-10-02, 07:24PM CDT

Well Done Traveller T. I really do appreciate your effort in getting these fools. I will file a complaint

84576495, 2014-10-02, 10:07PM CDT

Hi everyone,

More than 70 different stealing stories posted in this thread, I did not expect when I first posted my story that there are many other people had or will have the same experience. How many people were stolen and robbed by those people and could not have the chance to write their stories here or never even heard about this thread. What makes those guys dare to commit all of these crimes at one of the most famous area in the world. Someone advised me to file a complaint against this shop at the US embassy in my country, I would try to do that asap and let you know the result. For us all, money is not as important as the importance that our communities become clean from those thieves.

eacea4bd, 2014-10-03, 02:13AM CDT

Thank you traveler!. I filled a complaint on :

Good Luck

9952a532, 2014-10-03, 07:47PM CDT

Hi all.

I emailed the company and they told me I will get my money back.This was the email address:

[email protected]

I will wait for 180 days. I will keep you all updated.


Ed R., 2014-10-04, 11:34AM CDT

we are doing all the neccesary to let the people knows about the abuse of this store

traveler t., 2014-10-04, 03:55PM CDT

hi you can also fill a complaint up in this adress

you can do it on line, mail or fax

File your complaint online

Note: You will be redirected to a web page where you must register an account with the City of New York. Read Frequently Asked Questions on Submitting Complaints

If you do not want to register an account:

Go to 311 Online. You do not have to enter contact information to submit a complaint. However, without your contact information, DCA will consider your complaint a tip.


Mail or fax your complaint. Download the File Your Complaint form in:

English Espa?ol ????? ?? Krey?l Ayisyen ??? ???????

Submit TWO copies of the completed form and related documents (e.g., store receipts, warranties, contracts, etc.). Do not send originals.

By Mail:

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

Consumer Services Division

42 Broadway, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10004

By Fax:

(212) 487-4482

d54ddbd0, 2014-10-04, 06:59PM CDT

Me paso exactamente lo mismo. Que se puede hacer?

traveler t., 2014-10-05, 09:28AM CDT

hola , veo que mucha gente sigue siendo victima de esta tienda. si aun sigues en nueva york ve a la tienda y que te devuelvan el dinero si no quieren llama al 911 tal y como hice yo al momento de entregar el movil procura que te den un recibo para que luego puedas justificar que devolviste el movil y haci poder pelear el otro importe ya que ellos solo querran devolverte el deposito y se quedaran tanto con el movil y el valor total del movil. tambien

mas arriba escribi la dirreccion donde puedes ir en nueva york a poner la queja

aqui te la dejo

website this is the bureu of consumer frauds and protection.

120 broadway, 3rd flor NY,NY10271-0332 tel 212-416-8300 fax 212-416-8787. This is the place you have to go or call, they already know my case you can fill the complaint up by webside and send all documents you have from thestore

traveler t., 2014-10-05, 07:39PM CDT

hi, every can also file a complaint in this link. do it as many places you can

traveler t., 2014-10-05, 07:51PM CDT

you can also fill a complain here Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau

New York City Office

120 Broadway

New York , NY 10271-0332

(212) 416-8300

Click here for NYC Complaint Form [Spanish]

Vincent, 2014-10-05, 08:20PM CDT

Hi I disputed to my bank regarding their transaction.. and after 14 days, my bank said that they denied the dispute after they provided falsified receipt with fake signature claiming that this is a copy of the receipt that was given to the customer who signed and agreed on the store policy. what bastards, is not that a crime guys in the USA?. plz advise.

b9fc59d1, 2014-10-06, 04:04PM CDT

Hi - I've had the same problem as everyone else on this page. I was charged $435.49 for phone credit after buying a $30 sim. They appear to target travellers rather than local New Yorkers. I was also advised that I had to wait 180 days to get my money back. I went into the store several times and eventually they agreed to reimburse me via cheque for the money minus a $99 'cancellation fee'. I took this offer as I don't trust them to be getting any money back once I left New York. They are definitely scammers and very slick. I have registered a complaint with BBB and the dept of consumer affairs. The more that people complain the higher the chance that something will be done about them. By the way when I showed them this page with all these complaints and they said that people just make things up.

84576495, 2014-10-06, 05:12PM CDT

Hi guys,

I would love from anyone to email me the receipt that he got from this store so I can file them altogether in one complaint at the USA embassy as a consumer fraud case, Plz email me yours at foxy1421(at)


5fbd1de2, 2014-10-16, 12:20PM CDT

Hello ,

the same just happen also to me few hours ago.They put me in front two bills one with the price of 26.66 and bellow another one with 348.66 i realized that they scammed me after i recived the text message from the bank.They are big layers and i cand not explain how the NYPD let them do this to tourist in such a big city and civilzed city and country. I sent now message to the bank and i am trying to blockee the money.Good luck to evrybody.

traveler t., 2014-10-17, 05:01PM CDT

HI , IF you are still in new york just go to Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau tel

Consumer Helpline: 1-800-771-7755 adress 120 Broadway New York , NY 10271-0332(212) 416-8300 or by internet also file a complaint in better bussines bureau, all they have already cases from this store and more peaple makes complants will help better to stop this frauds

2f77723c, 2014-10-20, 03:46PM CDT

It happened to me a month ago.The workers there seem friendly enough, but the more I think about it, the more I find the whole experience fishy. I bought sim card with $25 plan, and he explained to me the deposit would be $200 which would be returned 180 days. I thought, okay, it's much better deal than the $50 dollars plan I originally used. But then when I thought everything was clear, he took me away to some back corners to explain "further", but in actuality he was saying the same thing over and over again. And there comes in the part that still stress me to today; before doing that, he told me to show him something that proves who I am, like drivers license, passport, social security no. etc. I had none of that, so I showed him my credit card. I thought he would just check my name and give it back to me right back. But no, when he ushered me to the corner to "explain further" he left my card on the counter, with another worker keeping an eye on it. When I seem highly reluctant to leave it as it is, I mean,seriously, he assured me that 'It is safely kept'. Now that I think over and over in my head, I become extremely stressed and highly paranoid, but at that time the worker kept talking to me and asking questions that I was highly distracted.

And then after a month I went to the store to get the refill for my plan, and they said that $25 can't be paid in the store by cash, I need to go online to do it. WTF, and I am still not sure what website they are talking about. And if that was the case, they were suppose to tell me this kind of stuff first time. I had been to their website as well, but basically there is nothing there. And my receipt started fading the day after I got it, and it's virtually white right now. I tried to send email to rebate and recharge, but kept getting the mail saying they would reply in 24-48 hours, which they never did after five days.

I am getting highly stressed and still can't believe something like this is happening.

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