R. U. F. F. Rescue of Central Florida - Incompetent Rescue Group Fails to Vet-Check Dogs

Posted on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 at 8:28pm CDT by 5aafb339

Company: R. U. F. F. Rescue of Central Florida

Location: PO Box 2318

URL: rrocf.org

Category: Pets, Animals

R.U.F.F. Rescue of Central Florida failed to reveal to us the fact that they did not obtain a veterinarian exam or checkup on the dogs we adopted from them.

The dogs both had a congenital defect that will be expensive and time-consuming to treat.

The group is irresponsible and incompetent and only cares about the next adoption --not the stress or expense that they cause to people once the dogs are out the door.

Also, the Director refuses to speak with you on the phone if there is a problem. She only e-mails.


5957ce79, 2014-06-02, 12:57PM CDT

The dogs need a home. It is not their fault they may be ill. It is best just to buy pet insurance on any and all pets so that will pay for any vet bills.

All pet rescues, cat rescues, dog rescues are limited on funds and are saving lives.

The reason you adopt is to save a life.

I always get pet insurance for my pets before any health problems pop up. I also get a veterinary health care credit card. That way I can pay the vet right away, and then I mail in my veterinary receipts to the pet insurance and get 90% of my vet receipt paid back by the pet insurance, and I use that money to pay back the interest free veterinary health care credit card.

The sooner you buy pet insurance as soon as you get a pet, the cheaper it will be. If you buy it later, then the rate will be higher.

All pets will need vet care, sometimes affordable sometimes expensive. Prepare yourself, buy pet insurance, it will more than come out even or pay for itself as emergencies can happen, even to the most careful pet owners.

It is wonderful that you adopted. Get pet insurance and next time take your adopted pets to another vet.

Business Reply  Patricia P., 2014-10-04, 02:33PM CDT

I am the owner of RUFF Rescue, and the person who wrote this has NOT told the truth. The dogs had been to a vet regularly since they were born. They were taken into our care when they were 18 months old, and their owner gave us all their medical records. They had just been to the vet less than two months before we took them in. Their foster mom did not notice anything abnormal, and they did make a quick trip to our vet to be microchipped. They were given a quick exam and NOTHING was found.

Shih Tzu's (their breed) are prone to eye problems, and that is what both the dogs are experiencing. This person wrote this negative review because she contacted us about the dogs, who we offered to take back, but she only wanted to send back the female, not the male. They are bonded siblings, were adopted together, and we told her they must be returned together. We even offered to refund her adoption fee. She didn't want to return the male, and after countless emails and phone conversations (her statement that I refused to talk to her via phone is incorrect), she decided to keep both the dogs.

It is a shame that I have to take time from my busy schedule to defend our rescue organization against the incorrect ramblings of a bitter person who didn't get her way. We have had over 200 adoptions since we began in 2011, and she is the FIRST person to ever have a complaint against us.

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