Casey's General Store - Wrongful Lawsuit

Posted on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 at 8:46pm CDT by Brian B.

Product: convenience store

Company: Casey's General Store

Location: 10 Broadway Street
TRIMONT, MN, 55167, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

I recently sold an old truck that I had. Due to a problem at the DMV, the title couldn't be transferred. In the meantime, the man who was driving the truck(without my permission) hit a gas pump at a Casey's General Store. He didn't have the truck insured, even though he was driving it, and now he stopped trying to register it. And he still has the truck. He's keeping a low profile and refuses to take responsibility for any of this, even though he admitted it on the police report. Casey's is now trying to go after me a the sum of over $2500. Talk about unfair. They have trouble finding him, they get lazy and come after me. I used to like their stores. Now, they can all go to hell.


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