Hansons Windows - You don't get what you pay for- Sales person misguiding

Posted on Thursday, May 1st, 2014 at 9:49am CDT by Dawn G.

Product: Windows

Company: Hansons Windows

Location: MI, US

URL: hansonswindows.com

Category: Home, Garden

February 13, 2014 we sat down with a sales person from Hansons Windows to discuss replacing windows in a portion of our home. Our home is over 100 years old and has nice beautiful molding. One concern of our was there going to be damage to the molding, our sales person reassured us the if there was that Hansons would repair it. He also assured us that the windows would be easy to open, 2 finger operation.

On the day of installation, Hansons called to change our scheduled apt time after it had been scheduled for weeks. To later in the day, which would of been fine but we had already adjusted our work schedules to the set appointment. We tried to reschedule to another day because this was a big job. We were told that it was a small job only 4 windows, what the scheduling department didn't understand was that yes they were installing only 4 windows but removing 9, so out came the crew and a 4 hours job took nearly 7 hours.....When the installed brought out our windows, I stated to them that I hope that wasn't my window because that is not what we were told we were ordering and paying for, that was then when we realized that what our salesperson wanted us to have and what we told him we wanted was not the same window.

Now for the windows, we didn't get what we thought we had ordered, as in style, we didn't get the full screens that we were told we were getting, one window was ordered incorrectly and open at the wrong end, and they are extremely hard to open and of course the molding and trims were spilt and damaged.

After contacting Hansons, I spoke with a Marv Glaizer, who then told me that my sales person had misspoken regarding the repairs to the molding and trim ,that we would have to deal with that on our own. I explained that this was a major selling point to us because we were reassured repeatedly that we didn't need to worry about it. Marv said he would send us a $50 check to cover the expenses (more like a pity check) and order us full screens for the windows and cover the expense, well gee thanks full screens are what we ordered in the first place. had to follow up on check because it wasn't sent out when promised.

An appointment for an installer to come out to replace the screens and fix the windows that are far from the 2 finger ease of sliding, you have to put some real muscle behind these windows to get them to budge. The windows we had that were 60+years old opened easier. So another appointment was set for April 21st, again work schedules were adjusted, valuable days taken off from work only for Hansons to call and cancel the appointment 1 hour into the scheduled time. No consideration at all to us regarding days off. #4 in their contract stated that if they cancel for any reason other than weather they will gladly refund you $100, this however does not apply to repairs because things weren't right when the windows were installed in the first place.

So today the installers came out with the full screens, confirmed the windows are very hard to open but that there is nothing that can be done.

So if you want smoke blown at you to close a sale, call Hansons, if you want a company that doesn't stand behind what their sales people are out there saying what will happen and what will be corrected call Hansons. If you don't mind not getting what you were told you were ordering call Hansons. If you don't mind taking days off only to be rescheduled and to be told there is nothing that can be done and that your just going to have to live with it, give them a call!


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