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Posted on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 at 8:00pm CDT by Toothless i.

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On or about September 10, 2008 I, a woman in my 40's sought dental treatment from Joseph Gillespie, D.D.S: and the Dental Implant Center, PC for dental restoration and implants.

During my initial consultation, Dr Gillespie suggested a treatment plan that included a root canal with replacement crown and included the use of mini dental implants for missing tooth rear molar.

It all started on September 10th, 2008, through September 2013. Dr. Gillespie prescribed medicines and performed multiple procedures on me, including a root canal and placement of mini dental implants.

I suffered through application of bonding and cement, removal and replacement of provisional implants, numerous emergency procedures, numerous adjustments to her bite, creation of dental impressions, removal a tooth, removal of a crown and placement of crowns, and treatment for constant pain, soreness, discomfort, swelling irritation and bite adjustments.

After years of continuous pain and no success of restoration, on October 8, 2013, I sought a second opinion from and was evaluated by a dentist specializing in periodontics and implant dentistry.

I was informed by 3 separate implant specialists that the mini implants are not to be used for rear molars.

2 post implants are doomed to fail because the gum line cannot be flossed and food gets in between the posts causing infection and bone loss.

The Dr. diagnosed me as having failing implants.

He also noted minimal plaque or calculus. Which means, it is not my fault as Gillespie said. I do brush and floss.

The other Dentist also noted he farthest back crown on the lower left was loose. Gillespie's adhesive failed again.

I suffered through 5 hours of surgery and required a bone transplant in my rear jaw. It cost me 2,500.00 dollars to remove the implants and repair my jaw bone. It will cost another 7000.00 dollars to install new posts and get new crowns.

Initially, I went to Dr. Gillespie to fix the tooth again. He informed me that he would not and the failure of the tooth was all my fault. He then charged me 80.00 for the exam of the failing implants.

After visiting 3 other dentists, I learned that I was not the first Dental Implant Failure from Dr. Gillespie.

So, I went to the Charleston Clerk of Court website and discovered 13 lawsuits have been filed against Gillespie. IT appears that they were voluntarily dismissed per settlement.

I cannot understand how the ADA lets this hack keep on hurting innocent people.


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