spokeo - If you use spokeo, check your credit card bill

Posted on Monday, April 28th, 2014 at 10:02pm CDT by Lawrence B.

Product: locate old friends, check boyfriends criminal history, etc

Company: spokeo

Location: US

URL: www.spokeo.com

Category: Unauthorized Charges

For personal reasons, I needed to use one of these locating services to find someone's address and phone number, etc. who had defrauded me of what was, to me, a large amount of money. I have seen spokeo ads for years on the web, and I was never warned that their site could possibly introduce malware to my computer, so I decided to check them out. They offered more categories of info provided for less money than most of the other sites. Of course, they provided the usual ass-saving comment that all these categories were included "***if available***". I signed up for an offer that gave me unlimited access for $4.95 a month, billable only in three month increments. Sign me up for three months! I then ran a search on the person I was trying to locate and, except for the name, just about everything else was wrong or hopelessly outdated. Criminal background checks were included, if available. Yes, they were available...for another $4.99 per month.

I'm sorry, back to the subject at hand. When I saw how worthless this service was, I immediately went to cancel my subscription. I called the 800 number and was told to cancel my account online at the spokeo site. I did this, got a confirmation number, verification email....everything an honest company should provide. My original subscription ran from January to April of this year, as no refunds were available. Luckily, I was checking my credit card bill and lo and behold, I got charged $14.85 again in April for another three months. I called the 800 number and after a few transfers got a human to talk to. I was told that sometimes cancellation requests done online didn't "take". I answered that you basically HAD to cancel online, and I asked her if she might perceive a slight problem with this. So, then she says it's all taken care of and I won't be billed any more, and my subscription was good until July. I replied that this all started with me cancelling their worthless service. Why would I want to extend it? After a few quivers in her voice, I was again told it was all good and I would receive my $11 refund within five days. See where I'm going with this? I told her that I was not billed $11, I was billed for $14.85. I was told I could only get a 75% refund. She might have sensed what was coming, but I said it anyway. Because of your company's screwup, I was being billed 25% for a product I considered worthless, and had already cancelled. She stammered for a while, and I didn't want to make her cry because she was doing the job her money-grubbing taskmasters told her to do. I told her the $11 was fine, but her overpaid, worthless, unfeeling corporate bigwigs have not heard the last from me.


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