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Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 7:37pm CDT by Jake P.

Product: Alternator, Alternator parts

Company: Quick Start Batteries Starters & Alternators

Location: 2121 Alpine Avenue Northwest

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Quick Start Batteries Starters & Alternators advertises "We value quality, attention to detail, and specifications are not the lowest price, Quality products are never the cheapest. Buy from Quick Start, we search out the best for you. Using our years of experience to develop many innovative and unique solutions for Charging & Starting problems"

The reality is that they use junk parts, manufactured in China, and do a very poor job of standing behind their products. We purchased a Delco CS130 Iceberg alternator for a high performance application. We were very detailed in what we wanted. We paid twice the amount of money a unit from the local auto parts store wanted for a new alternator only to find out that the exact same parts inside the unit we purchased from Quick Start. We experienced several failures of this unit, and inevitably had to take their unit to a local re builder, have it gutted, and used only the alternator case they sent us.

I am no alternator expert in that I do not frequently rebuild alternators, but I am an ASE Master Certified Technician who trains others on diagnostics and I have a vast background in automotive electricity. I do know enough to know that Quick Start Batteries Starters & Alternators took us for a ride. They boast American made quality and the highest quality parts and everything they do is super high quality this and exceptional quality that, but when we cracked open our new alternator that stopped working just a few weeks after we got it, we found otherwise. We found a lot of junk that is the same stuff that we could get in any auto parts store for a lot less money.


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