Intersteel fence Limited - Steel spiral staircase

Posted on Saturday, April 26th, 2014 at 8:25am CDT by David G.

Product: Steel spiral staircase

Company: Intersteel fence Limited

Location: B2, Bulebel Industrial Estate, Zejtun


Category: Building, Construction

In March 2013 i contacted Mario Attard from Intersteel fence Limited to come on site and provide a quote in order to construct a spiral staircase. He came twice and on the second occasion brought over his foreman in order to probably analyse what was required. he then provided a quote for E3142 excl. VAT which I accepted.

The company erected the staircase on site before dismantling it and taking it back to the factory for treatment and spray work. It must be noted that that it was first erected wrongly with no headroom allowed and I made them dismantle it and re-erect. Once it was dismantled and taken to the factory for treatment, Mario Attard promised that within a maximum of 3 weeks the stairs will be delivered.

However, this process took 8 weeks for some unknown reason and despite my repeated complaints the company always came up with some random excuse.

Five months after installation, the staircase started to rust and within 2 months the rust had spread throughout the staircase. The first signs were paint blisters but eventually the paint started spalling off. I sought an architect's opinion and as well another steel manufacturer and both blamed Intersteel fence Limited. They both said that the rust appeared too quickly and was likely stored in a humid place during the excessive delay, started to rust and was simply covered up with paint. The undercoat applied was probably also not up to standard according to the steel manufacturer.

Despite all this, Intersteel fence Ltd refused to acknowledge any blame and first blamed the paint and the proceeded to blame humid conditions in the house. The architect called the latter claim ludicrous as all other steel ad wooden fixtures in the vicinity were un damaged. Mario Attard said that he will not repair anything unless we pay E2919 which would probably buy me a new staircase. This company is one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever dealt with ever!!!!!!


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