Posted on Thursday, April 24th, 2014 at 2:30pm CDT by Tom R.

Product: SkyCaddie

Company: SkyGolf

Location: 274 Commerce Park Dr


Category: Sports, Recreation

There are no phone numbers for technical service listed anywhere on website or on product directions. Went to use their LiveChat to get get the SKYCADDIE setup to work. The printed directions is different than directions online. They had LiveChat took which took 2 hours to go through complicated process and still could not get it running after the 2 hours. Also, you spend around $300 for the product but cannot use the product without spending more money on memberships and upgraded services just to use the product capabilities which would be about another $50 to over $100 more. All of the options are confusing and when the Live Chat technician gave us the membership to suit my needs, I still could not use the device for the golf courses I needed without another upgrade and another hour to download and update the device. I couldn't get the device to work and can't use it at all. I requested to have the membership cancelled and return the device they said that they would not because it was over a year that it was purchased. I explained I had surgery and was not able to use it until now and would not refund or do anything for me. This company does not stand by their products, very difficult to set up, has poor customer service, and is very expensive.


e6c68d64, 2014-06-18, 03:38PM CDT

For the golfers looking for a GPS enabled device "DO NOT PURCHASE ANY SKYCADDIE DEVICE". My high-dollar SGX has just decided to cease functioning. This seldom used unit will power on and then proceed to tell you that each hole on the golf course is "999 yards away...". Technical assistance consisted of telling me I needed to be on the golf course in order to reset the GPS....for the uninformed I suppose that means there are special GPS satellites just for golf courses....and the check is in the mail. If the unit is not in warranty....yep mine was 4 years old but not abused, never dropped, and not subjected to rain/water. To cap the cake with icing....the three year subscription I purchased summer of 2013 is not refundable. The no-subscription refund had to be just bought within 30 days. Go figure.........and for the record don't buy into the notion that anyone has ever walked and plotted a golf course for these folks. I've played all over the USA and not once do you ever get any hole information that is anywhere near the quality of free APPS for any Smartphone brand.

15bc58a5, 2015-02-11, 11:59AM CST

I have a SkyCaddie Breeze, which stopped functioning properly. It now has an "Exception Notice" with instructions to turn off and turn on and to select Resume from the Home menu--except that the home menu never comes up, the equipment just recycles to the "Exception Notice." I've tried and tried to get a chat started, but the software isn't compatible with my System 7, apparently, and I can't get to a live person. This company has lost me forever!

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