Cardinal Camera - Out of Stock, pulled Bait and Switch

Posted on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 at 9:09pm CDT by John M.

Product: Digital Cameras

Company: Cardinal Camera

Location: 810 West Second Street


Category: Consumer Electronics

This has been resolved through Paypal almost a month later, but I am posting my story here so others do not have to go through what I did.

I ordered a camera (Canon 330HS) from Cardinal Camera through their website back in late March 2014. A week later, I never received the camera, and called them. The salesperson I spoke with at this store said they would have someone call me back, and this person told me there was a "mix up" with the order and the camera I had ordered was discontinued and out of stock as a result. He offerred another model (Canon 340HS) instead of what I ordered. I wasn't interested already knowing that model has poorer image quality, so I requested a refund, and he was friendly and said there would be no problem and that I'd have the money back in a few days. But a week later I still hadn't received my refund, and called the store again. The salesperson again tried to sell me the other model, which I said I wasn't interested in as that was not what I ordered. He said he'd let the person in charge of internet sales know and that he'd call me back. Well he never did, and I called again, to get the same runaround. Fortunately I paid with Paypal and had to file a dispute, now almost a month later, I finally have my money back as Paypal decided the case in my favor. No one from Cardinal Camera returned my messages or the ones from Paypal. Needless to say I don't plan on buying anything from them online again. It seems once they have your money they could care less about giving the customer what they ordered or their money back. They tried a "bait and switch" by taking my money by having a discontinued, out of stock, camera on their website, and then trying to sucker me into buying another model which was inferior. They do not even care to let the customer know they're out of stock and hope that you'll just forget about it while they keep your money and you get no product, and then when you call they give you the runaround for your refund when they say they're out of stock. Just glad to have my money back almost a month later, although the camera I wanted is now out of stock everywhere, thanks Cardinal Camera.


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