Faithful Real Estate Properties - Decker Randolph & Faithful Real Estate Properties A SCAM!!!

Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2014 at 10:50am CDT by T M.

Company: Faithful Real Estate Properties

Location: US


Category: Real Estate

In October 2013, I gave Mr. Decker Randolph a "non-refundable" $600 towards his program that claims to help people with bad credit get their credit in good standing to become a homeowner. He was supposed 2 find a house for my family and I that his company, Faithful Real Estate Properties would buy for us and when our credit was in good standing, we would then be able to put the house in our name and finally become homeowners. My family and I were living in a home that was going under foreclosure due the landlords taking $850 rent from us monthly, but were not paying the mortgage. Mr. Randolph claimed that he purchased the home in which we were living and that we were to now start paying him rent of $888. We were excited because we didn't have to worry about uprooting our family after living in that house since May of 2009. We gave Decker Randolph the supposed first month rent December 2013. Later that month, Mr. Randolph informed my husband and I that the sale of the house fell through and that we needed to move out by the end of December. Four months passed after me sending over 20 houses to Mr. Randolph as purchasing options. Some houses were no work necessary and others were completely gutted. Decker Randolph claimed he put offers in on all the houses and no one was biting. Mind you, we are still sitting in a packed up house as December came and went. I began to panic. I called Mr. Randolph several times as well as send him texts and he didn't respond. A week or so later, he finally touched bases with me only to say that STILL he got no bites in offers. In February 2014 via email, I requested a refund of the $888 that we paid him for rent on a house that he obviously didn't own like he claimed he did. After a long conversation on the phone with my father, Mr. Randolph agreed to return my money the following week. That week came and went. I sent text messages and got no response. I left messages on both his cell phone and office phone and got no response. My husband called and texts and got nothing. My father called from a different number and he picked up only to say that he was in Baton Rouge overseeing a project and he would have my money within the next two days. I never got the money. I sent Mr. Randolph another text message weeks later and got no response. I texted him days later and he claimed to be in Nevada overseeing another project and that he would have his secretary Western Union or MoneyGram me the $888 refund. More time past with no refund neither a response to texts, emails no voicemails. A week or so later I made another attempt to contact Decker Randolph. He was once again overseeing a project, but he was in Texas this time. He claimed via text that he was in a car accident and currently in the hospital. He also said that he spoke to his secretary and told her to take care of the refund for me and he was unsure if she contacted me. I informed Mr. Randolph that no one contacted me. I wished him a speedy recovery and asked if I could have the contact number of his secretary so I can call her myself to complete the refund process. He never responded. Thirty minutes later I requested the contact information of his secretary again. Still, no response. I was fed up because now it was April and I still hadn't received my refund. I looked him up online so I can drop by his office & found two addresses. The address that was listed on the paperwork I signed took me to a Winn-Dixie Grocery Store and the suite number took me to a UPS Store. I was angry! The second address took me to his residence. I stood out in the rain with Mr. Decker Randolph on a Monday as he claimed he had no money and that he needed more time. I explained to him that it had already been seven weeks. He offered to MoneyGram me $200 the following morning which was a Tuesday and that he would make payments until the $888 was paid in full. That was a start so my cousin and I left. I sent a text to Decker Tuesday morning asking did he fulfil his promise regarding the $200. He told me that he didn't have it and needed more time. He claimed he was closing on a house in thirty days and he would have my money then. I refused to give him thirty additional days after he already was giving me the run around. I spoke to my husband and that Wednesday morning I let Mr. Decker Randolph know that we were going to press charges and start filing complaints. He told me if that's what's I felt I needed to do, "go for it". Then he proceeded to tell me that he would have my money in a week. I told him that he had until Thursday by 12 noon or I was following through with my first plan. He never responded back. Thursday came and at 12 noon I sent a text regarding the $200 MoneyGram. He said, "I can send it Saturday".

Today is Saturday and I texted Mr. Randolph regarding his promise to send the $200 toward my $888 refund. He has ignored my text messages.

Faithful Real Estate Properties is in my eyes not to be trusted. Don't give Mr. Decker Randolph or Faithful Real Estate Properties any money. They never found me a home and their documents are obviously fake. We have been scammed and I have every intention to file a civil lawsuit against Mr. Decker Randolph and his company Faithful Real Estate Properties as well as filing a police report for obvious theft.

Good luck to anyone that still wants to use this man & his company.


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