Euro Autoworks of Woodbury - No Lube, but service with a Smile.

Posted on Saturday, April 19th, 2014 at 8:32pm CDT by chris j.

Company: Euro Autoworks of Woodbury

Location: 8276 Hudson Rd


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Cha Ching! Obviously this shop's #1 goal is to empty YOUR WALLET. My steering wheel was shaking, pulsing when I BRAKED, the most common problem, warped front rotor...this is where it gets good. Told me it "Could be" my wheels bent, I asked, which one, they said "ALL OF THEM"...LOL...first red flag. When I asked how, they said Pot Holes, any mechanic know's they can simply say POT HOLES in Mn and most people will buy it. I asked "Show me", he tried, once, I said "I don't see anything", he didn't press it, then he moved on to Front Control arm bushings...he said they're bad, I said "Show me", again, he tried, he hit the control arm, I didn't see any loose movement in the bushing, he said see the cracks, I said NO...he moved on...I said what about breaks and rotors, he said "Can't be sure, could be all of these, you can get everything done all at once" right only $2,500 total bill. They said they can?t be sure which problem is causing my problem, remember they?re professionals, I said which problem most likely causes the wheel to shake, pulse when braking...he said "the bent wheels", it just so happens that was the most expensive part of repair, cost $200/wheel, plus alignment, so on, over $1,000 altogether just for that, I told him I can buy nice new wheels for $125, he replied "No you can't"...check out Tirerack, tons wheels for that, I said why would I refinish wheels for $200 when I can get new one's for $125...he just looked at me like a deer in headlights. BTW, BMW's service manual states the most likely cause of shaking/pulsing steering wheel when braking is warped rotor, it's the first likely cause they list in the manual. If my wheels were the cause, WHY does my steering wheel shake only when I brake...drives with NO vibration when driving on straight level road....hmmmm...if wheels were bent, it would happen all the time.

Later, called and asked why rotors weren't measured, for enough wear or warping. The hits keep coming. He was evasive, tried to talk about "the Process" as he put it, he would try to talk about the wheels, then the lower control arms, I told him, I simply wanted a straight answer regarding the rotors, I didn't care about the process. He said they don't do that with brake inspection, that's extra...he never even asked if I wanted to pay that extra fee, btw, Tires Plus and every other Tom, Dick, and Harry shop checks rotors...not these guys! That would be the obvious solution and wouldn't make them enough revenue that day. Then he goes into how you can't check them effectively without some machine, I told him you could do it with manual rotor caliper measuring tool...measure at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00, then 9:00 and they should be fairly even, if large disparity, then warped, he said sometimes that doesn't work, I told him, anything is possible, but that's highly unlikely if rotor is warped...he was silent after that...btw, BMW service manual suggests testing rotors for warping just as I explained...and this shop is suppose to specialize in foreign and German cars, and I get a higher quality brake inspection at Tires Plus.

Last, garage bay was spotless, you could eat off the floor...on one hand I loved that, on the other, I, I'm the only one in this shop, not one other car, waiting room is empty, they got time to clean this garage with a toothbrush, they must really need revenue...and after seeing my estimate...over $2,500 for what a simple rotor replacement would was obvious to me revenue was the name of the game.

If you go there...they are really nice, do it all with a smile on their face...just make sure you go with your American Express...You?re gonna need something without a limit.


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