T&S auto - stoled my motor out of my truck and now is trying to charge me too much for my z28 Camaro

Posted on Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 1:12am CDT by Homer L.

Product: stole my motor for my 1997 GMC Sierra and is over charge me for my 1994 z28 Camaro

Company: T&S auto

Location: 2216 W.43rd @ Tc Jester
HOUSTON, TX, 77018, US

URL: tands.net

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

T&S auto owened by Salvador Dominguez 2216 W.43rd st and TC jester I took my truck in on my September they did not have the truck ready until November. Let me start by saying that I took the truck in 3/4 of the way complete I put in and pulled the motor by myself with my son whos 18 years old. This is his truck and he did most of the work he also made all the payments he made arrangements for T&S to finish off the top half of the truck to fine tune the motor and do all the vacuum lines was all that was needed to be done. we payed the truck in full later the next day I received a phone call from the owner Salvador Dominguez stating that the motor that was inside the vehicle would not work because it did not have an 02 sensor so we agreed to remove that particular motor and place it in the back of my sons truck so that we could resell the motor to recoup some of the loss on the motor that we could not use I asked Salvador Dominguez and or his son to please place the motor in the back of a truck and never got an answer as to where they put the motor I kept inquiring about the motor the entire time the truck was there when the day came to pick the truck up and they said motor was not available for me to pick so between that time I also dropped off my 1994 z28 Camaro about a month after I dropped off my sons truck off they couldn't get the car running until December because the car has an lt1 Corvette motor in it they couldn't understand what was going on with the spark or the timing to repair the vehicle T&S was the third mechanic shop I had taken this Camaro to and I was handed receipt from the owner Salvador Dominguez stating that I owe $640 for the repair of the z28 Camaro $320 for parts and $320 for labor because My 18 year old son was paying so much for the truck that he was going to give me a break no charge for storage fees or any extra labor parts for the Camaro I told him that I would pick up the car after we pay for my sons truck which was going to be sick nasty significantly higher then the price of the z28 Camaro we ended up paying 6,500 the trucks repair to have the motor replaced with a used motor so when I went to go pick up my car for the $540 because of already put down 100 on what I thought was a 640 bill I was informed that I owed him $1375 for the Camaro so I told him that I had a receipt that he had given me for the 640, stating that I only need to pay that. He stated I had no such a receipt in upon producing a receipt he got very irate and threw me out of his place of business and stated to me that I would have to pay $800 to get my car back and I would not get a motor at all. He also stated that if I kept harassing him and didn't pick up the car that he would charge me over $2000 in storage fees alone if there's anyone out there that can help me I know that I can charge him with theft felony theft at that so if anybody has any suggestions lawyers friends policeman there anyone who can help me get my vehicle back from these people who call themselves mechanics who are actually thieves please give me a call at 832 782 7604 my name is Homer Leos and I'd be more than happy to talk to anybody who can help me out, the motor is worth well over 2,500 dollars and the value of my Camaro is well over $6000 this gentleman Salvador Dominguez who owns T&S auto has basically stated that there's nothing that I can do that I will have to pay him the $800 and I will not be getting my 2500 motor back he has no explanation as to why I cannot have my motor back nor can you produce the motor itself at , I am almost positive and belive that the motor that is in the truck is the motor that I took too him originally because the motor that I have taken to him three quarters of the way done with has disappeared magically!!!!!!!


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