Abby Renovations - Active Lite Pure Garcinia and Cleanse FX?.. ACTIVELITE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT

Posted on Thursday, April 17th, 2014 at 11:53am CDT by 2d2cf339

Company: Abby Renovations

Location: CA

Category: Health, Beauty

I purchased the trial samples in Feb (they displayed "approval by DR OZ!". My mistake in not reading what they called the "fine print" and noticed there was a $90+/- charge to my visa for each product. I then called in but they could only deal with one product. I had to hang up and call another number to cancel the other product. I received a second order, only received the one and when I called again they said to wait a few days for the second product to arrive then I could return it for a full refund. Which it did arrive I returned the products. And they sent me email indicating order is cancelled. Weeks went by still no refund. I called back AGAIN and they said they never received the product! and they have no way to check on the returned order. They also said I was supposed to call back when I received the product to obtain a return number. Missed that too! However after some cussing and fussing with these cons they said best they could do is issue 50% credit. This was on April 2, 2014. (this started Jan 2014). One credit was issued same day. Today, April 17, still no credit for the Garcinia. Called in AGAIN, they had no record of last conversation with supervisor, as well they said the phone number that comes up for me is not my number. They did see a note though that the supervisor said i could have a 50% credit but it was never issued. I finally got the credit issued?.will see in 2-4 days whether it shows up or not. I was sooo close to telling them to keep my money as the run around was unbelievable! Im sure some thief spent a lot of time figuring out little details to catch purchasers. Product is WAY over priced. I admit I was duped! Don't you be?..


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