Ashley Furniture HomeStore - Ashley power leather double recliner

Posted on Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 at 7:49pm CDT by Cassandra W.

Product: Ashley power leather double recliner

Company: Ashley Furniture HomeStore

Location: 1845 Carl D Silver Pkwy, Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Category: Furniture

Ashley Furniture is accused of fraud, deceptive business practices and repeated violations of a state consumer protection law regulating consumer merchandise. Ashley Furniture must put a stop to the unlawful, deceptive and unscrupulous business practices of selling junk furniture that they know have defects. I purchased a leather power recliner sofa for thousands of dollars. Paid cash and bought the extended warranty. The furniture is rarely used. No children or pets. Less than 90 days of purchase the sofa started to literally collapse. One side totally submerged and the other side on the way out. The tech they sent out to review the piece told us that the company is aware that this piece of furniture has issues and they hate to work on it because the type of filler they use inside is overstuffed and defaults quickly and repeatedly into a collapse stage.

The company refused to allow us a credit to purchase a different sofa and they refused to refund our money. We paid hundreds of dollars additional for the extended warranty. It took 6 months from the time of the first call to get someone out to look at it. Now the company tells us we have to allow them to repair it. This means 4- 6 hours labor in our house, or allows them to take it out and do without anything until they get it completed. In addition we have to take off work, again; very costly. We have already lost 2 days of work and spent 11 hours of time discussing this matter over the last 6 months.

The technician said himself that should we allow them to repair one side it is only a matter of time until the other side will need it as well. In the interim it will continue to repeatedly happen because he seen it before multiple times with furniture that uses this type of filler. He advised we should insist on replacement. We agreed. This sofa is only 9 months old. We did not buy used furniture. We bought new furniture that we believed was from a reputable manufacturer. We will not waste anymore uncompensated time on repairing something that is of junkyard quality. Clearly it?s defective because it collapsed in 3 months. We sat on the furniture less than 12 hours when we first noticed the collapse.


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