Palms Casino Las Vegas - Why the ATM doesn't work at The Palms Casino

Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 4:36pm CDT by Robert Allyn L.

Product: Casino

Company: Palms Casino Las Vegas

Location: Flamingo Blvd


Category: Unauthorized Charges

I was at the Palms Casino to see a movie at the attached Brendan Cinemas.

I tried to get money from the ATM on the Casino floor. It didn't work. Proceeded to try several. All would read my card, flash a less than 1 second error message and then revert to "Please Insert and Remove Card".

I went to the Cashier window for help and they offered to allow me to withdraw money at the Cashier.

I was warned there was a $4.something fee. A little steep I thought, most ATMs have been charging me $3.00 per withdrawl.

I got charged $14.something on a $300.00 withdrawl. Ouch

Nice little scam, make sure the ATMs don't work when the floor and cashier is quiet, make a few hundred extra a day. Every penny counts!


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