mobile repeater Australia - Bad Dealing

Posted on Monday, April 14th, 2014 at 3:58am CDT by chris l.

Product: Mobile Repeater

Company: mobile repeater Australia

Location: HI, US


Category: News, Media

Tony was good at selling me on the more expensive unit after the first one didn?t work. What a load of bull. After I tried to install everything once again and it didn?t work I got fed up with everything and requested an RMA. I requested the RMA 10 days prior to the 30 days and got no response. I then sent an email everyday until I finally got a response. There response ironically was 11 days later and they informed me that I was past my 30 day money back guarantee. Never again will I deal with this group at Mobile Repeater Australia. There MR Mini Next G 850 and PRO are chinese rubbish.


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John walkerz, 2014-04-16, 12:41AM CDT

These guys are a bunch of crooks. Based overseas and don?t give a care when it comes to getting you your money back. They will do whatever they can to prevent you from returning the unit. I went back and forth with a bloat named Kory for nearly 2 weeks. Once I finally realized that he was just delaying my 30 day money back guarantee I contacted my credit card company and had them deal with the crooks. Mobile Repeater Australia should be shut down as far as I am concerned.

kurt Schwarz, 2014-04-21, 07:37AM CDT

Mobile Repeater Australia sells mobile phone boosters and amplifiers. Not much amplifying going on if you ask me! The bloody thing comes direct from China with an invoice for $50USD. Now, had the booster of worked I would have not had a single complaint. I spent 5 hours trying to get it up and running with their terrible installation guide and got no response from there ?technical support? team. Spoke to a fellow named Kory briefly, All I got from him was some poorly structured emails that didn?t make any sense. For all I know he is in China as well. Contacted consumer affairs and dept of fair trading. They will be dealt with properly.

40a34f22, 2014-05-24, 01:33AM CDT

T3 fusion is also part of the same group of companies. They are frauds and should be put in jail. Do not buy from t3 fusion. Product comes from

China and the instructions don't make any sense and service is non existent

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