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Posted on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 at 1:55pm CDT by sharon s.

Product: plants, trees, gardening supplies

Company: Direct Gardening

Location: Direct Gardening A Division of House of Wesley 1704 Morrissey Drive Bloomington, IL 61704


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I spent well over a $600+ first order with this company and at first service was OK. I was missing a couple of shipments in the first set. I complained to the post office and let DG know. No apology. No replacement.

Some of the first shipment lives and most of it doesn't. I send for the replacements of the ones I did receive. DG replaces them. So far so good.

I place another large $400+ order. Again I'm missing several shipments. I complain to the post office and they do a detailed audit to make sure they did not lose my stuff. I let DG know and they take no responsibility for it. No replacements.

The second shipment comes very late in my growing season and again most of it dies. I ask for them to replace them under their guarantee. Some arrive so I place another large order $300+.

This time the shipments arrive in pieces!! Crumbled little bits at the bottom of the shipment bags. Staples thru the plants. Crushed flat and not even plantable!

Some comes from shippers other than USPS. Fedex is far away from the boonies where I live and I suspect they toss their shipments rather than come all this way.

I let DG know and they blow me off. This time a full third of the shipments don't arrive. I complain to USPS over the one shipment they were responsible for they say after all these years (16+) they keep an eye out for my stuff.

I like the prices that DG offers and I like their replacement policy. I am an avid gardener and would love to sing their praises but they really SUCK!!

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Margaret J., 2015-04-28, 01:45PM CDT

Gentleman,I have placed my order 3 weeks ago, but I have not heard from you..I tried to call

your telephone # 309-662-7034 and I am getting a busy signal.Please let me know abbout my

order status.

Thank You

Margaret Jermics

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