Langway Ford - company lies about financing/sold car

Posted on Friday, April 11th, 2014 at 3:39pm CDT by Pamela L.

Product: buying used car

Company: Langway Ford

Location: P. O. Box 254 - 780 Washington Street Auburn, MA 01501
AUBURN, MA, 01501, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

My daughter was all set to buy an 07 Camery and had her mom, me, ready to co sign, then denied being told they couldn't finance the car ($9,999.) Because the mileage was too high (105,000 miles)?. And was not told she could get financing else where. What kind of company is this? I have excellent credit. There is no reason she should have been denied. She was already pre approved through a credit union. This is suspicious!

Bad vibes about this company. :/

Ok, so after questioning Jim in financing further and him claiming he didn't have my info as co signer, I urged him to talk to Brian in sales because that is who I gave my info to. He called me back and apologized because he did in fact have my info and proceeded to say that my daughter still did not qualify because of the mileage the car has and the financial institution was not willing to extend credit to her because she has no credit. ...(yea? Right..lier). So I said, she's already been pre approved by Webster First Credit Union so she'll get financing through them. He said that's fine and we hung up. Within 5 minutes he called me back and said the car was sold last night.

I'm appalled. What a scummy company. I'll be writing my negative reviews. Shame on Langway Ford.


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