Roark Vacation Travel Club - Club Resort Interval LLC - CRI - Vacation Travel Store - Travel, Vacation, Timeshare Club Ripoff

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 5:27am CDT by Javel L.

Product: Travel & Vacation Club

Company: Roark Vacation Travel Club - Club Resort Interval LLC - CRI - Vacation Travel Store

Location: 403 N Veterans Blvd
BRANSON, MO, 65616, US


Category: Travel, Vacations

Roark Vacation Travel Club, Branson, Missouri serves as a sales front (sales boiler room) for Club Resort Interval LLC, a/k/a CRI, a travel agency in Manchester, New Hampshire. These firms are also associated with Vacation Travel Store operating in Arkansas and Vacation Getaway Travel operating from Manchester, New Hampshire. Also associated with the defunct CONDOMINIUM RESORTS INTERNATIONAL LLC of New Hampshire.

The principals in this business are also associated with:

Branson Hotline, Inc.

Wildwind Productions, Inc.

Polynesian Paradise, Inc.

Emerald Pointe Property Owners Master Association, Inc.



Mr. Gary W. Snadon (deceased October 2013)

Mrs. Patsy A. Snadon, 200 Emerald Crest Drive, Hollister, MO 65672-6139




Mrs. Sharina Naugher,

175 Emerald Crest Dr, Hollister, MO 65672-6139



Corporate Office:

Roark Vacation Travel Club

118 State Dr, Hollister, MO 65672-4987

(417) 334-8011

(417) 336-4290 fax

(800) 982-2361

(888) 724-8133


Owner:Ms. Vikki L Heise (a/k/a Vikki L Lessard, Vikki L Dalphond or

Vikki Shatney)

Address: 183 Jennifer Dr, Chester, NH 03036-4121

Phone: 603-887-3972

Club Resort Interval LLC

1087 Elm Street, Suite 205A

Manchester, NH 03101-1849

Phone: 603-669-1555

Fax: 603-669-5111


The Travel Club subscriptions offered are a Ripoff, but not a legal scam because the contract promises the club member nothing. Club members are promised "wholesale" pricing, only to later find out they book travel and timeshares cheaper over the web. CRI's response was that all web sales are "wholesale" when I asked about their promises on pricing.

The travel agency is straight out of the 1970s. Booking a vacation takes 8 calls over 3 weeks with their rep responding once every 3-4 days from a strip shopping mall in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Timeshare Booking. To book a timeshare, their rep contacts the property managers via email and then responds to you in 3-4 days.

Timeshare Properties. Their website does not provide location, availability or pricing information. The website provides a small vignette of information on each of the listed properties, but insufficient information to make a decision.

Timeshare Pricing. No discounts and no transparency. Coordination is straight back to 1970.

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