Old Towne Cleaners - irresponsible insurance for business loss

Posted on Thursday, April 10th, 2014 at 9:39am CDT by Kyung C.

Product: Insurance

Company: Old Towne Cleaners

Location: 148 S. Bloomingdale Rd.

URL: www.oldtowncleaners.org

Category: Products, Services

I have a small Drycleaning business in Bloomingdale IL and have had Travelers insurance since August, 2010 for my Drycleaning business protection insurance.The insurance was sold to me by a broker. His information is "Global Insurance Agency, 3330 dundee rd. #Suite C-1, northbrook, IL 60062. TEL: (800) 406-2305 | FAX: 847-770-4900. The policy number is IS680 6664R552. His agent explained to me of the coverage that will cover and give my business(liability and personal property) protection from water and fire damage and I started having Travelers Insurance.On July 3, and August 31, 2013, there were water leakage accidents occurred and I had loss my property as well as customer liability about $15,000 estimated. I reported a claim #EYA5089 to Travelers Insurance claim department and they sent an adjuster, Steven Kenyon -877-872-8228.I received a denial report from him after inspection. The reason was due to exclusions in the policy. That's was all they did.I have been told by many other agents that this did not seem to right. First agent/broker did not talk or show about any exclusion policy when I started having service.Second, I have paid all premium for last few years without delaying with belief of full business protection from a disaster that might be happening and expected Travelers to work for litigation for this accident but their agent/broker did not take an action. Even I was not able to hold of them to discuss about the accident. Their ethic level was very much disappointed. Actually when I had a chance to talk with an agent one time, she advised me not to claim. The claim would be a bad factor for my insurance premium increase. This does not sound right. I want to get paid my loss back from insurance company.


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