Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association - Daniella Thompson says she's "not customer service"

Posted on Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 at 12:04pm CDT by Edyahoo L.

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"I am not customer service, and you are not a customer," says BAHA's Daniella Thompson."

Even though three of us paid $45 each for tickets?

Poor poor response from this organization's editor. Poor poor representative of BAHA.

So defensive about the Julia Morgan tour of 2012 re: promo material that misrepresented the condition and visibility of the Julia Morgan design style on several buildings.

Daniella Thompson...very defensive, very self-righteous, epitome of poor customer service. But then again, she doesn't consider herself part of customer service. Everyone in an organization s part of customer service!

If we three are not customers, then I'd sure like our money back! That'll be $135 please.

The three of us will never attend another Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association event again.

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Business Reply  Berkeley Architectural H., 2014-05-01, 01:51PM CDT

We have no record of a ticket purchase by Ed Lee for our 4 May 2014 house tour. In fact, Mr. Lee told us on 7 April 2014 that he would not be buying a ticket for the tour. Anyone who actually paid for a ticket and has legitimate cause for complaint should contact the BAHA office with proof of purchase. We have received no requests for a refund of tour tickets purchased.

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