THE ARD GROUP - Unprofessional Manner & Demeanor

Posted on Tuesday, April 8th, 2014 at 11:45am CDT by JENNIFER E.


Location: 11 Hanover Square Suite 501
NEW YORK, NY, 10005, US


Category: Job, Career

A head hunter named Scott Cohen was INSULTING, RUDE, & UNPROFESSIONAL I was not even on the phone with him for 6 seconds and within this time he was insulting and rude !!!. PLEASE BELIEVE ME ! I would not do business with this Company The ARD Group in NY.. I contacted the owner Len to advise of my phone call and how hurt I was.. he then said, "He GETS COMPLAINTS ALL THE TIME ABOUT SCOTT". he said scott is a co partner.. then Len asked for my name and then he became insulting as well, AND was NOT concerned with "the main reason for calling" him.. I wasn't asking for help with my resume.. I hope all Company read this review before the consider these head hunters in NY... New Jersey Insurance Company's are better off placing an ad for a job themselves.. Trust me.. make the time to do so. because they get a HUGH commission for doing nothing but insulting, when in fact YOU would have to interview the candidate anyway.... Think about it !


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