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Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 5:20am CDT by aaa902cb



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Internet scams know no boundaries and the website called Betcoinsports is not an exception. They can double scam you ? for your Bitcoin and your Litecoin too! Their idea is excellent ? they cater for a larger audience by accepting both BTC and LTC, they offer different betting opportunities, and then disappear with your money and live happily ever after! First off, good luck with opening an account. The procedure will take forever, and they will come up with excuses as to why it?s taking so long, such as your ID being unreadable, when the picture you sent them was crystal clear! I was already pissed off with Betcoinsports? service and should have known not to give them any of my Bitcoin. I proceeded to do that anyway. I deposited 2.5 Bitcoin into my newly opened account, which seems to have worked fine. However, after I refreshed the page, an error message came up and told me to click the Back button on my browser. I did what they asked, and when I was taken back to the main page my Bitcoin wasn?t in my account. I was shocked. The word ?scam? was on my mind, but I dismissed it as an error and contacted Betcoinsports? support. They told me that my BTC could not have just disappeared and it was MY fault for not transferring it correctly! That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! They ripped me off for 2.5 Bitcoin and were not even sorry for it. I should open up my own casino, but I am not a scammer like Betcoinsports! I know for a fact that Bitcoin can?t just disappear because everything is on Blockchain, but Betcoinsports just assumed I was stupid and took the Bitcoin from my account. Use Betcoinsports at your own risk!

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ec4095f2, 2014-07-01, 03:39PM CDT

Whoever wrote this is an idiot and has never used because they don't even ask you for your ID when creating an account. My account was opened instantly, my deposit was credited instantly and my withdraw was processed within a few minutes. This appears to be a competitor because you didn't even leave a username. I have enjoyed my experience at and would highly recommend.

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