Crown Boiler - Defective Products sold

Posted on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 7:50pm CDT by 4f87dc48

Product: Mega-Stor Hot Water Tanks

Company: Crown Boiler

Location: 3633 I St.


Category: Building, Construction

Very poor quality control. I purchased a MegaStor Hot Water Storage Tank that should have lasted 30 years. It is stainless steel and stores hot water from the furnace. It uses no heating element and should last many years. However, after a few years it leaked. Turns out the manufacturer found a pin hole during quality control and, instead of throwing the tank out, it spot welded it with an iron-based metal (not stainless steel), which eventually rusted and leaked. When I called them, they couldn't care less. They knowingly sell defective products to the public, patch them up poorly hoping they don't leak, then have an attitude when you call to get some help. I had two plumbers confirm that the pinhole was welded incorrectly at the factory and shouldn't have been put out for public sale. Their quality control is not-existent. Do not buy Crown Boiler products.


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