Priceline - Bait and Switch

Posted on Sunday, April 6th, 2014 at 4:53pm CDT by G K.

Company: Priceline

Location: US


Category: Hotels

I wanted to book a pet friendly hotel with priceline but was concerned the hotel I was booking would have only some rooms available for pets. So I contacted priceline before I booked to ask what would happen if this pet friendly hotel wouldn't accept my pet. I was told they would talk to the hotel about it because I was guaranteed a pet friendly hotel.

So I booked with priceline however when I called to alert the hotel I was bringing my pet they said I had been booked into a non pet friendly room and would have to upgrade for $20 per night.

I then called priceline again because that was exactly what I was afraid would happen. Rather than helping as they had said they would do they just kept reiterating we only promised a pet friendly hotel. Basically too bad if we booked you into a non pet friendly room. Despite the reassurance of the chat rep before I booked.

I believe this is dishonest and a classic bait and switch. Obviously I wouldn't have chosen to do book with priceline if the fact that they couldn't guarantee me a pet friendly room had been made clear when I asked the chat rep. had been made clear to me when I asked.

I`m really furious about this and will never use priceline again and will also tell anyone I know to steer clear of them.

It isn't often I run into a company that seems to care so little about their customers experience. Clearly they appear to be dependent on volume and the customer be damned.


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