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Posted on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 3:55am CDT by Paul Riddler tbiunderdog

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I lodged a serious complaint with the Nationwide health and disability advocacy service, 21 may 2012.

My complaint was systemically covered-up, first by the organisations my complaint was against, then my, Nationwide health and disability advocacy service, advocate.

This i believe is a very serious, human rights complaints Newzealand.

My advocate colluded with another person to unlawfully pervert the course of a primary health and disability complaints mechanism.

The complaints process was unlawfully perverted by my advocate, adding false highly damaging information into my personal background information section on my digital file held by the Newzealand Nationwide health and disability advocacy service.

The second part, is more serious, very important information was "intentionally deleted" these two unlawfull actions perverted the course of the complaints process, i was subsquently denied a effective remedy, which is in breach of multiple united nations treaties Newzealand has signed.

I then made complaints to the following Newzealand government organisations, Health and disability commissioners office, Human rights commissioners office, and lastly the Ombudsmans office.

I have been denied a effective remedy by all stated organisations, and have been told that my human rights have not been violated.

I have tried to seek an effective remedy for over one year, and during that time i have been subjected to covert surviellance of my, vodafone ph, 2degrees, ph and my facebook page,human rights complaints Newzealand.

The damage that has been caused is horrendous, i am a disabled person, TBI, my partner had a severe stroke during the time of these events, her stroke has left her severly disabled, i am her principle carer.

The serious negligents and systemic cover-up has deztroyed our lives, there has been no accountability, no transpearancy, and most definitley no empathy.

Paul Riddler TBI underdog.

Paul Riddler tbiunderdog


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