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Posted on Friday, April 4th, 2014 at 2:48pm CDT by Tiago G.

Product: Tetra Reptomin - Food Turtle

Company: LllReptile

Location: 1216 Avenida Chelsea Vista, California 92081

URL: http://www.lllreptile.com

Category: Food

Dear gentlemen, good afternoon.

I am Brazilian and I apologize for the errors in the text ( translated via google translate) .

I live in Brazil and I made a purchase on the site www.lllreptile.com .

This purchase cost 52.98 + 6.99 ( shipping for Brazil ) .

This purchase was paid by Paypal and deducted on my credit card .

After a few days , I received an email stating that I should pay 53.00 for the product to be delivered in Brazil .

I found this absurd , because I was confident that my product would arrive in a week , and the company even sent yet. Also, I would have to shell out the same amount of goods that they send to Brazil .

I made several complaints , without success in lllreptile site .

So , writing this text to show my complete dissatisfaction with the site and the services provided by them .

I wish you would help me to solve this problem and to inform everyone that this site is misleading advertisements with regard to product shipping out of the country .

Thank you.

Tiago Gurgel

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Business Reply  5b6f50fa, 2014-04-09, 02:55PM CDT

Sorry for your trouble. Right on our website in regards to international orders - it informs you that shipping will cost more than quoted on the website, and that we would contact you to approve final shipping fees. We contacted you quickly in regards to the additional shipping, which you chose not to pay. Sorry if you misunderstood or missed that part about additional shipping - but there is no way around it when shipping internationally. Good luck - and sorry for the hassle.

Scott - LLLReptile & Supply

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