Sprint - Unprofessional Liars

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 8:53pm CDT by yvette k. p.

Product: Cell phone

Company: Sprint

Location: 5331 Mockinbird lane Ste #180
DALLAS, TX, 75206, US

URL: http://www.sprint.com/

Category: Telecommunications

My daughter made an appt with this store to obtain another cell phone & trade in her present phone with Sprint's EZ Pay plan. She was confirmed that the phone she wanted was in stocked & an appt was set. Upon arrival of her appt it was a headache from beginning to end. On April 2, 2014, she arrived for her appt. the manager as well as the customer service rep informed my daughter that she could not use the EZ Pay plan because she was not given access to make changes on the account. My daughter called me & informed me of the issue. I called *2 & spoke with a customer rep & informed her to update my acct by acknowledging & documenting in the system that my daughter has full access to the account. The acct rep updated the acct & said it should take affect immediately & to inform the store to refresh their screen & they will see that she has full access to the acct. I called my daughter & she informed the manager of the change. The manager then informed her that he still couldn't help her because it didn't specifically state that she has permission to purchase the phone & change the plan. He insisted that full access doesn't specifically state that she can change the plan so he couldn't acknowledge what the rep had input in the system. Once again I had to call *2 & speak with a rep. I explained to the rep, the rep wrote the specific wording that the manager wanted. He refreshed his system then he told her he didn't have the ph she wanted because the last one had just been sold a min earlier to a previous customer. He told her he would get more in tomorrow On 3apr she called, the manager informed her he had the ph in & set another appt. she arrived at her appointed time only to get more BS from this lying manager. This time he tells her she cannot use her trade in phone towards the down payment. I called the store & spoke with a supervisor, she stated the same. I asked the supervisor for her name & she only stated that her name was Ragin. I asked her who was the store manager, she told me his name was James Atlera(spelled by Ragin). I asked her for the address to their corporate hdqtrs, she informed me that the address was: P.O. Box 4191--Carol Stream, Il 60197. Ragin & James both informed my 23year old daughter that I had to be present for her to use the EZ Pay plan. I called *2 & spoke a rep & informed her of James & Ragin stated. The rep stated it was not true, so she called the store on a 3 way call & the Liar James stated his name was James Valero(spelled by James) & that he did not tell my daughter that I had to be present. He claim he just didn't have a phone on hand. So I asked him while the rep was on the ph for the corporate address. He stated the address was 6391 Sprint Pkwy, Overland Park, kS 66251 & he didn't know corporates ph#. He stated that the address he'd given me was the same one he heard Ragin telling me earlier.

This manager as well as their employees are LIARS & obviously THIEVES.

I called to cancel my acct & my daughter will get a phone with a more trustworthy manager at a different location. Sprint needs to do better instead of hiring liars & thieves that don't have the Sprint Brand name in their best interest.


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