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Posted on Saturday, April 5th, 2014 at 5:41am CDT by c664be4b

Product: text advertisements, unsolicited

Company: Off Broadway Shoes

Location: US

Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

OFF BROADWAY SHOES - Warning! If you ever sign-up for text notifications from OFF BROADWAY, or if you ever acquire a phone number from which a previous user has requested these texts, OFF BROADWAY SHOES either lacks the ability to stop these incessant, unwanted texts, or simply lacks the courtesy to do so. I acquired a new phone & number last August and began receiving OFF BROADWAY SHOE texts from 333222. At first it only seemed to be once a month or so. Then it began to increase enough so that I searched for a mehtod to stop the texts. I followed the directions by sending "STOP STYLE" to 333222, but the texts kept coming. After trying that a couple of times, it seemed that they the texts came in greater numbers. Next I sent an email to their "Customer Care." HA! They sent apologogies, but said they could not stop the unsolicited texts until the end of the month. So now its the next month and guess who still getting these texts. Like I said, think twice before signing-up for OFF BROADWAY SHOES texts because once they start, they will NEVER END


dbef6b45, 2014-05-22, 03:51PM CDT

DSW it will be for me going forward. Yesterday 5/21 I purchased a pair of sandals online. This morning 5/22 I recieved an email with a discount code for 20% off online purchase of sandals. Being my order was barely 24 hours old I called to see if the discount could be applied, seems simple enough...NOT. First they had to email another party and wait for a reply and told me it was not likely they will let me use the discount. I then said fine I would cancel the order, surprise they do not have capability of cancelling an order. Who ever heard of such a thing, especially as the order has not shipped. Hours later of course the confirmation pohone call comes in they will not honor the discount. REALLY, if I purchased something in store and it went on sale the next day just about all retailers give you the price adjustment. I will wait for my shoes to deliver then promptly return them and purchase from DSW even if I have to pay more. Customer service clearly is not on the menu at Off Broadway, what a pity.

MY3A, 2014-06-11, 11:17PM CDT

I have similar experience. I ordered some shoes online and in some hours I got an email about the free shipping for 5 days starting this day! Will call them tomorrow, but I do not think they will change anything... I was very happy with Off Broadway Shoes till this moment.

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