- is a scammer biased liar!

Posted on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 4:52pm CDT by Linda R.


Location: US


Category: Gambling Games

BitcoinReviewer is supposed to provide ?expert reviews of Bitcoin gambling sites? according to themselves. They also claim that their reviews are accurate and honest, but that is definitely not the case at all! A lot of websites that they?ve reviewed positively are actually known to be online scammers, and you?d have to be living in the dark to not realize that. I don?t understand how a website claiming to be providing a valuable service to the Bitcoin community can be that deceiving. I suspect they make money from every positive review that they receive, and that money comes in Bitcoin form from the casinos that are being reviewed. This is terrible because it doesn?t provide the players with accurate information about possible scammers and Bitcoinreviewer rakes in the BTC ? the BTC that is supposed to be paid out to players for their winnings! The casinos listed on Bitcoinreviewer are scamming the players and the website itself deceives the players by providing false information. It seems like it?s a thinly veiled case of theft ? BTC is being stolen from players in rip off casinos and shared with Bitcoinreviewer to pay for good reviews. They also say that the community can leave reviews and ratings, not just themselves, but when I tried to leave a bad review for one of the casinos listed on there, my review got rejected for being unfounded. They seem to only allow positive reviews, and they do not accept ANY negative reviews. This also makes me think they?re being paid for this so-called ?service?. Bitcoinreviewer is a fake review site and it?s a scam. I don?t recommend anyone trusting any of the reviews posted on there because you?ll inevitably be ripped off and conned out of your Bitcoin, which will be used to fund the site.


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