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Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 5:18pm CDT by Art L.

Product: Earthlink Internet

Company: Earthlink

Location: ATLANTA, US


Category: Telecommunications

I have sent a private message to Earthlink Internet as one Jen at Earthlink suggested with all the info they need in order to cancel my account. No response. I have posted on their facebook page multiple times to please contact me to cancel my account. They keep posting private message (already did that), or call them. I do not have a phone. I have been trying to cancel my service with Earthlink since the day my former partner signed up for it last year. Their site makes it very difficult to figure how to cancel. I can't use chat. I can't call. I can?t email. Now I see I have to send a registered or some other more expensive mailing to cancel this account. I think This company is ignoring me and I think that this company is stealing from me and thus am filing a complaint on this site.

I am being charged each month and have yet to use their services. I would like to have the services I do not want nor am I signed up for CANCELED. The account is under Kevin L. who has not been here since April, 2013. I would like all the money taken out of my checking account via my MasterCard refunded to date.

Now, most likely they are just another money grubbing corporation, and I probably cannot get it back. I repeat, I have never used their services, I did not order it, yet I am being charged since last May I believe. Cancel it now. Acct. 28810763.


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