Holistik Pro Business Solutions - Holistik Pro Business Solutions hpbs.in is a fraud company

Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 1:18pm CDT by Chitiz Ronnie

Product: Process Outsourcing

Company: Holistik Pro Business Solutions

Location: Block - 6, Building No. 270, Geeta Colony, Swami Dayanand Marg, Block 17, Vishwas Nagar, Shahdara
DELHI, DELHI, 110051, IN

URL: hpbs.in

Category: Products, Services

This is a fraud company of Delhi as the company name is Holistik Pro Business Solutions and the owner's name is Vijay Arora, his website address is hpbs.in and he is a fraud person. he took Rs.60000 of amount for a project sign up and haven't returned the amount as he told me that he had forwarded the amount to some xyz person who is outsourcing the process and now the amount will not be returned.I will take my complaint back if he will refund the money back in a week.


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Business Reply  9a72c5a3, 2014-04-04, 04:23PM CDT

Mr Chitiz Ronnie,

They way you have put up all this, makes us sure that, you are for sure a psycho person in your person life. I recommend and suggest you should first see a psychiatrist or a good doctor and then should talk about anything else.

If you really think you are right, please put all the facts and figure, with proofs and dates, and conversations, happened in last few months, and file it in consumer court and then if you get prove yourself right, I'll pay. But do remember, if you tried to manipulate legals, or put anything wrong way, which has not even happened.... You may find yourself a jackpot .... "Manhani ka Case".

So get your facts and figure correct, prove it if you think you are right , and I am wrong....

And if you are proved wrong in end, then you might have to pay 100 times more... of what you are claiming ?

All the best...

Chitiz Ronnie, 2014-04-05, 04:24AM CDT

i have send the proofs already and don't tell me you haven't took Rs. 60000 and please don't fool others by giving them your so called dreams.....you are purely and illegal company and do everything against ethics...............just tell me one thing you took my money or not........straight foward question i am asking....

9a72c5a3, 2014-04-05, 04:35AM CDT

Seriously crack head you are... On one hand your father is calling and requesting and pleading for financial support and project help for you and your clients further.... and on other hand you, his son is busy maligning me and my company's name...

You really deserve consulting Mr. Chitiz Ronnie... first talk with in family and then start asking these baseless and illogical questions to someone...

And don't expect any kind of help or support from me in future after this... you are responsible for your own deeds... Enough of it now...

Chitiz Ronnie, 2014-04-06, 04:53AM CDT

still not answered the straight question and please financial support....u took my money...i am not...so don't talk about the financial help....i just asked a straight question and you are the one who is molding it....

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