- Amazon is incapable of dealing with a hacked account

Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 10:06am CDT by Matthew P.

Product: Amazon Prime


Location: US


Category: Online Shopping

This is a follow up to my previous complaint about My Amazon Prime account has continued to be HACKED and USED by SEAN SMITH in Oregon to continuously order a Razer gaming mouse. He has now had them succesfully deliver said mouse 3 TIMES to his address using our Amazon Prime account.

Fortunately, I think that I intervened in time so that my family was not charged $140 again and again... but it speaks to the UTTER INCOMPETENCE of this multi-billion dollar corporation at stopping even the most MINOR of incidents.

This guy has somehow managed to use Amazon's 'order a replacement' process, in a way that is quite ingenious, to get Amazon to DELIVER this exact item THREE TIMES to his address!!!!!!

I have NO idea HOW a company - especially one that has been NOTIFIED of FRAUD - can let this happen again and again and again... I really don't.

And their response to ME????

Change your email address and password and notify local law enforcement.

ARE THEY F-ING kidding me?

I use LastPass - and I am a cybersecurity student. Do you really think that that is the PROBLEM?????

NO. It isn't.

And... LOCAL LAW enforcement has NOTHING to do with situations involving NY and Oregon - that would be the FBI.


Were it not for the monopolistic stranglehold that this company has slowly but surely developed in e-commerce I would close my account and never use them again. But my entire family relies on it.

NOW - it feels like a VIOLATION because this guys (Sean Smith in Oregon) orders KEEP showing up in our account.

We have NOT been charged YET because he keeps using their replacement order process and keeps having the item delivered... but it's only a matter of time.

And Amazon's response - after I notified them three times in CHAT, telephone conversation, and email???

Amazon> "We'll open an investigation."

Me: "But you ALREADY opened an investigation last week"

Amazon: "Oh, let me look.. oh... yes, we'll open it again"

Me: so someone will call me this time and let me know how you are handling it?

Amazon: I'll make a note and pass it to our investigation team

ON and ON - like a huge f-ing circle of vacuous nothingness... except to use up my time and violate my family's privacy.

Remember - they store your credit cards without asking. They ask for credit card information w/o even requiring the CCV. You would have to go in (which I do now every time) and delete any stored payment information or else it just sits there)

What kind of company is this?


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