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Posted on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 12:45pm CDT by Kim H.

Product: Dillons WebSite

Company: Kroger/Dillons

Location: 1014 Vine Street
CINCINNATI, OH, 45202-1100, US


Category: Internet Services

Back in December of 2013 changed their website. Ever since then there have been problems with the log-in page. You cannot log-in with RoboForm or any program that auto logs you in or stores your passwords and log-in information. Now as of March 2014 I have the page come up that says "We're experiencing technical difficulties" {see the picture}. I am not alone, other friends & family have the same problem. If you check the box that says "remember me" during log-in you will NEVER get back on the website! You will need to delete your cookies before you can get back on the site. I have called Dillons customer support at 888-533-3003 and the web site technical support at 866-221-4141 and other phone numbers with NO help! Sometimes they say we know about the problem, sometimes they say there is no problem. They tell me it is my browser! I tell them I have tried Explorer 7, 8 and now 11. They say get Chrome, the browser that don't work with every website! Do they know that 80% of their customers have a IE browser? I think Dillons/Kroger needs to get a new website team! I can go to Target and print coupons with no problems. I can go to with no problem. I pay my electric bill, credit card statements, insurance on my home and car online, I even completed my health insurance application online at the government website! The ONLY site I have problems with is DILLONS! Why can't they fix it? Kroger, get a new website developer!

Kroger/Dillons Phone #'s I have tried 866-221-4141 and 888-553-3003 and 800-576-4377 and

This problem is rampant if you "CHECK" the "Remember me" box below the sign in information! Delete JUST your cookies to get back on the website! Dillons website is putting a broken cookie on your computer!


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